Thursday, December 9, 2010

Olli Sucks, Conroy Is The Man, And Other Things You Already Knew

(I go to TSN to find some stats, and the page loads up, and OH MY GOD WHATS WRONG WITH THAT MANS FACE! SOMEONE GET A PAPERBAG FOR THAT THING BEFORE I PUKE IN MY *HURL* TOO LATE! Dion is ugly will never get old.)

Craig Conroy: 17 GP, 2 G, 0 A, -1, 9:25 ATOI

Olli Jokinen: 25 GP, 2G, 8 A, -5, 17:24 ATOI

We all hate Olli, right? At least, we here at DB do. We put the above stat line to illustrate the fact that we think Olli should be sitting, and Craig should be playing. We aren't going to only use stats that show Craig is better. We could, and who would notice, but we won't. So when we start looking at the stat lines at the end of this paragraph, we will include Corsi rel Qualcomp/Qualteam, ect. even though they might hurt our case. After all, we might as well find out together if we are crazy or not.

And thems the charts. Maybe not so crazy, after all.

What do we see? Look, we know the minute difference between the players skews some things. Olli has had more minutes to prove he is useless and ineffective than Conroy has. We get that. We just don't get why. Actually, that's disingenuous on our part. We know why: Sutter paid the man, and took a big hit to his reputation to do it, so dammit Jim, the man's going to play.

But really, he shouldn't be. We aren't saying that Conroy is going to step in and put up 50 points. We are saying that he probably gives you more than Olli does, especially if you use the guy to send a message to Olli. If Olli is going to play like winning doesn't matter, then play Conroy. The fans would rather see him not score than Olli not score. Besides, Olli came into this year talking junk about how he was going to get back to being a point a game player. That aignt fucking happening, if you haven't noticed. But if the team harbours any hope of it happening, it would be wise to try to humiliate or embarrass Olli, in the hopes that it will light the fire in him (assuming there is any left). Sitting Olli to play Loubardias's replacement, Conroy, would be a good place to start.

The stats that jumped out to us were the ZS%, because those imply that Conroy is more adept at moving the puck, or at the very least keeping the puck, in the offensive zone. It is the offensive zone, you will recall, where fun things like scoring on the other team occurs.

But really, most any of the stats you look at show Olli isn't head and shoulders above Conroy, a guy many believe is done in the NHL. Some of the Corsi ones paint Olli as better, but let's take a bit of a look. Corsi is really just a measurement of pucks directed at the oppositions goalie by your team or against your own by the opposition. So Corsi Rel Qualcomp is Corsi relative your competition. Well, relative to his competition, Olli is a plus player. That looks good until you see that Corsi relative his teammates, he is a negative. That implies to us that Olli is a drag on his line, a line that goes out against some stiffer competition. Olli is hurting that lines opportunities to be productive. Conroy, on the other hand, while negative on his Corsi Rel Qualcomp, is a plus player in Corsi Rel QoT. Which means that Conroy isn't hurting his lines chances at getting opportunities to produce. Now negative Corsi versus 4th line players isn't something to be heralded, but at least he isn't actively hurting the team in the role he is employed in, unlike Olli, who is.

The decision to play Olli Jokinen regardless of what he is actually doing on the ice is a stupid one. That's a decision of the genius Brent Sutter, who is at no fault whatsoever for the teams struggles, even though he is paid to keep the team consistent. Unless, of course, the GM of the team is telling the coach who to play and who to sit, in which case why employ two Sutters if one is going to be GM and coach anyways?

Olli Jokinen should be benched. We have seen what he brings. Give Conroy the chance to play his way out of the NHL, at the very least. It won't hurt the teams competitiveness, and in fact, may help it.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. "Sitting him for Loubardias's replacement would be a good place to start."

    There are fewer things in this world I enjoy more than hearing Jokinen speak. It seriously slays me every time. I would pay good money to hear him do play-by-play (especially over Sweet Lou)

  2. Olli soiunds like the Domink Hasek impersonation that Mike Richards used to do all the time. I love the Country Hills Toyota ads he does on the fan.

  3. he scored because you wrote this