Monday, December 13, 2010

Brent Sutter Has This Club On Pace To Give Up 237 Goals

Cards on the table moment here people.

The media in this city have a bad relationship with Darryl. So Darryl is a fuck up.

The media in this city have a good relationship with Brent. So Brent is in no way culpable in the current collapse.

That's bullshit, in our opinion.

It's hard to defend, right? Coaches aren't brought in to teach scoring, they are brought in to teach systems, and every system is designed to prevent goals. You may think we are crazy, but we see offensive production as a product of the GM, and defensive production as a product of the coach. Bare with us.

GM's bring in the talent. Talent is what scores goals. Coaches implement systems. Now, a coaches system can either enhance the amount of shots his team generates, which would affect the offense, but a system also seeks to mitigate shots against, which effects the defence. Very few teams in the NHL run systems that enhance shots for, most run systems that seek to limit shots against. Furthermore, a coach has an obligation to provide his team the best chance to win, that is it is the coaches job to try to hide talent deficiencies. Which means that a coach has a big effect on the game, as he has direct control over how the team plays, and specifically, how the team plays when it doesn't have the puck. Because of the control the coach has over the flow of the game, and the defence is where the coach implements his structure (Brent has said on multiple occasions he lets the players play when they gain the oppositions zone), we feel he has a large amount of influence over the defensive fortunes of the team.

The Calgary Flames, under the batshit crazy leadership of Darryl Sutter... actually, this calls for a spreadsheet.

Do you people see that? Last year, we didn't score enough, but we were great defensively. Darryl was tasked with adding scoring. Guess what, he did. If you extrapolate the data, that works out to about 213 goals over the season. 213 is greater than 201, so Darryl improved the scoring. He did his job.

The defence was set. JBlow, Gio, and Reggie are the defencemen that matter on this team, and those are the same from last year. Dion was on this team last year, so if anything the defence should have improved this year, right? But it hasn't. The defence has gone from the 5th ranked in the league to the 21st ranked in the league. Darryl's responsible for that? Darryl's responsible for giving the team 3 premier-ish defenceman, Brent's responsible for not using them properly. We are on pace to give up 237 goals this year.

Last year we gave up 203 goals to 201 goals for, for a minus 2. This year, with largely the same team (yes we are missing Langs, we know this. Believe us, we are painfully aware) the team is on pace to give up 237 goals to 213 goals for, for a minus 24. That's degree's of magnitude greater than last year.

Tell us why the defensive collapse of a defensive team with a defensive oriented coach isn't that coaches fault, again? Oh, it is? Thank you.

Look, we know he talks to the media guys, and Darryl doesn't, and for some reason, this plays on the presses insecurities (if Johnson can play pop psychologist : "The Darryl Sutter who carries his omnipotence and condescension and (whether he wants to admit it to himself or not) his insecurity room-to-room, door-to-door, a Welcome Wagon of misery." then so can we). That's why nobody is defending Darryl Sutter in the press, and why they are going to the hilt to defend his brother. We think it's bush league. If we also didn't want Darryl fired (he traded for Kotalik people) we would push back on this meme harder. Darryl brought in Bourque, he brought in Tangs, he brought in any number of people. His mistake was trading Dion for people he wasn't able to flip for another star calibre player. But even then, he was able to bring in the depth that the fans of this team were calling for.

His moves didn't work out, we understand that. This team is a bad team. Peter Maher's magical 20 game mark has come and gone, and we are a basement team. Why? The team, media notwithstanding, is scoring goals. If the team had maintained it's defensive prowess from last year, it would be a top team in the league, and a contender for a Stanley Cup. The problem with the Flames is that they give up too many goals. The problem is the defence. Who is responsible for the defence? The coach! Why is nobody talking about this?

Here is more. The people in the media are calling for Darryl's head, but at the same time pleading with the fans that it isn't Brents fault. What the hell is wrong with these people? When you fire a GM, guess what? You fire the coach he hired, too. Because the coach he hires is a reflection on the GM. These people think a new GM is going to come in here and not fire Brent? What planet are these people on?

We get it. Brent is a personable guy and Darryl isn't. That matters in terms of hockey how, exactly?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Come on DB, you know you want to defend Sutter, you know you want to fall in love again!

  2. i don't think it matters who your top three defensemen are when steve staios is being used as a #4. i'm not kidding here, that guy's plus minus would be a shit-hot golf score.

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