Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Was The Fight

Marc Staal hit Stajan during the game.

Was it dirty? We don't care. Looked clean enough. Stajan has to keep his head up and not watch his pretty passes . Also, this isn't even the first time this season someone has blown Stajan up. Something of a pattern is developing here. Honestly, how do you put yourself in that postion? And we gave this jabroni a long term contract?

Good, now that is out of the way.

The Calgary Flames needed to fight after that hit. Someone needed to grab Staal and punch him in the face.

And they didn't. What the fuck? The New York Rangers, who run with Gaborik, are tougher than the Calgary Flames?

Look, we understand why the Flames didn't want to fight the next shift. But right after the hit, the Boogie Man wasn't on the ice. That's why you sac up and be a teammate right when Stajan gets hit. Because if you don't, and the Flames didn't, then the zebra blows the whistle, and then Torts puts Boogaard on the ice. Now when you ice Boogaard and the other team doesn't have anybody on the bench that can step up to him, shits over. The rest of the Rangers grow a foot taller, besides gaining the tangible benefit of icing someone who is a fucking giant. 

So we get why the Flames bitched down to the Rangers the shift after the hit. That doesn't absolve them, but we can understand it. Which, again, is why one of Flames had to fight Staal right after the hit. It's embarrassing on the team for not doing that. Even though the 'hard, tough-nosed' identity has been dead for some time for the Flames, this sad display of fake toughness pretty much makes it official. 

This is a one off game. They have to step up. We don't care they were down by a goal. Honour demands they ride to their teammates defence, and they simply didn't. Disturbing.

This isn't terrible on its own. The terrible-ness of this meekness has repercussions. If the team gets a reputation for being a soft, other teams are going to take more liberties with it then they normally would. And when you rock players like Bourque, who gets hurt easy, and Stajan, who seems to have a magnet for body checks somewhere on his body, it is probably best to avoid other teams taking liberties. It seems to us that it would be prudent to develop a little bit of a reputation for not being soft, so we can avoid the little displays that we saw at the Garden.

It's fine to sign an enforcer to the roster. In fact, we encourage it. Did you see what effect Boogaard had on the game when he came out? But don't fill the roster with an enforcer who can't enforce. Ivanans looks like an even more terrible signing when compared to the best of his position. Ivanans is so terrible that the team might as well not even rock an enforcer.

Sarich and Staios...they are on the roster, besides their awesome leadership-per-game stats, to provide toughness. Why the hell didn't one of them grab a Ranger forward and throw down. Why are they on the roster if not to do that?

Ok. Looking here we see Stajan is on the ice with Tangs and Iggy. The blueliners are Gio and player x.

Iggy, the captain of the team, needed to fight, clean hit or not. Where was the fight. Who the fuck cares you are down a goal. Of all the stupid penalties this team (Glencross) takes, they didn't want to take a stupid one after Stajan got hit? Makes us want to puke, to be honest.

And again, Stajan, what the hell are you doing out there? We know the Flames don't make other teams pay a price for going straight through the neutral zone, but come on. This is a hockey game at Madison Square Garden, Stajan. Where the hell is your head at? Stajan is a NHL centre. That means he is suppose to have some vision. How the hell didn't he see Staal leave Iggy, the winger he (Stajan) is suppose to be cognisant of, and come right at him?

Fucking christ, and Morrison missing the Worlds Most Open Net right after, when emotions are high and he has a chance to be a killer, was very cute. We hate this guy.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. so, let me just get this straight. you're actually giving credence to darryl sutter's reasoning behind a raitis ivanans type ? that someone should have fought because there was a debateably bad hit on one of our guys ? fuck no, dude. you don't want that.

  2. I've always given it creedance. The crew is caveman in it's ways, but we wont apologize for it.

    To be honest, I don't even see the need for a 4th line. So packing one position on the roster with a guy who plays very little but has an immense impact on how the game is played, yeah, thats something we want.

    Now we haven't had a legit enforcer since...well Simon, or Godard. Ivanans, Roy, even the dancing bear, they are useless because they waste a spot on the roster and dont intimidate guys. But a legit enforcer would always be welcomed on my team.

    And someone needed to fight after the hit, even if it was the cleanest hit in the world delivered to someone who had been a Flame for two seconds. If that happens in a rec league somewhere, believe me, there is going to be a fight.

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