Thursday, November 18, 2010

They Think You Are Stupid

Hockey media is funny.

Brett Sutter goes out and punches a cab drive, unprovoked, in the face after a night of heavy drinking. It becomes the straw that breaks the camels back, and suddenly Sutter drafting his own kid and giving him a spot on the NHL teams roster that he doesn't deserve is starting to gather momentum as a legitimate story. A week later Brett Sutter finds himself traded to the Hurricanes, where he will play out his career for whatever team the Canes use as their AHL affiliate.

And the hockey media is trying to spin the story? Why? Do you think we are stupid?

The fans were told that this deal had been in the works for at least a month. No it wasn't. The Hurricanes wanted Ian White for the last month, sure. But they had no intention of trading for the AHL depth that Brett Sutter represents when they began calling the Flames about Ian White. To suggest otherwise is to suggest the fans are gullible.

What's the problem with saying 'Brett Sutter was thrown in to this deal because he punched a cab driver in the head'? Honestly, what's the problem?

And it isn't just the locals. Bob Mckenzie and Darren Dreger are tweeting about how this move had nothing to do with the bar altercation? Again, either they are stupid and easily fooled or they think you are. You want us, the fans, to believe that when Gio got his extension, Jim Rutherford called Darryl Sutter up and asked what it would take to trade for Brett Sutter? Ian White just happened to get thrown in to the trade? No, that's just stupid. We think he asked for Ian White, you know, because we don't have to lie to protect our access to the team.

Look, Rob Kerr can go on the radio and say Brett punching a cab driver in the head had nothing to do with the fact that Brett Sutter now plays for the Hurricanes. It's ok for Peter Maher, Mckenzie and Dreger to spit that same line. It isn't our credibility they are eroding, it's theirs. The truth is the Hurricanes wanted Ian White, and then Brett Sutter went out and did something Sutter (read: stupid). He needed to be moved out, and the Ian White trade was a convenient vehicle. Any other narrative is just spin, but what irks us is it isn't even good spin, and they expect the fans to buy it.

Please stop before you guys turn into this guy. (What are the odds that Bob Mckenzie even gets that reference?)

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More Rob Kerr. We don't know if he patented the term 'The Dion Rule' but we heard it from him so we will credit him. The Dion Rule is basically Darryl Sutter lies so don't believe him. If you are reading this blog we are assuming you are informed enough that we don't have to go back over the fact that Darryl claimed for months he would never trade Dion only to then go out and trade Dion, instantly destroying any merit his word had with the media and the fans as it pertains to player personnel (well we guess we just went over it). Anyways, the Dion Rule should be applied to anything Darryl Sutter says, at least if you pay attention.

Which brings us to Eric Francis and his latest article (while we are on the topic of diminished credibility...). Eric informs us that Darryl is denying there is a trade in the works. So? DARRYL SUTTER LIES TO YOUR FACE, MEDIA. If Darryl told me the sky was blue we would go outside and look, just to be sure. If Francis wanted to write a real story and not a lazy one, how about he contacts his contacts with the Kings (if he has them) and get the story from that end. A trade denial from Darryl isn't worth the ink.

Thoughts on the trade proper? Anton Anatoliiovych Babchuk, 6'5, 212 pounds of softness, questionable defence, and offensive upside. Just what this team needs: a cheap mans European version of Jay Bouwmeester.

Kosto is a 4th liner who has a contract for next year, too. We don't mind 4th liners per se, but we do mind paying them damn near a million dollars a year. Whatever. He won't punch anybody in the head, and is still cheaper than Nystrom.

These trades are meh but they save the team money. Hurray? Trading Kotalik would save the team money, too. Just saying.

Peter Maher was on the radio this morning talking about how the crowd needs to give the team some juice. We are divided on this. Fans can give their team juice, there is no doubt at that. But crowd at the Dome needs a reason to cheer, and it has always needed a reason to cheer. This isn't new, and it is especially old news for Peter Maher, who has been working here for damn near 30 years.

Stop spinning, Pope. The home team hasn't won a game at home in what, its last four tries (or something like that)? That's probably the reason for the tentative crowd. But it was nice of the Pope to insinuate the team is losing because the people who are spending big, big money to watch the games live and in person don't cheer loud enough.

We are suckers. The Flames are pushing last minute tickets, and we are considering getting some for the Chicago game. Despite our tone, we are fans of the team. That explains the tone, actually.

We have been to maybe 5 home games this year, and our interest to keep going...well, it's waining. Call us crazy, but winning is fun and losing isn't. We go to hockey games to be entertained, not to be bored. Would continuing to buy tickets be misconstrued as an endorsement of the direction of the team?

There comes a time when a consumer needs to take a stand. The fact that there are even tickets still available to see the Stanley Cup champions? That time may be at hand. Or at least starting.

Anyone catch what the coach said when asked about Kosto? "He brings leadership which this group could use." A team with Reggie, Iggy, Staios (barf), ect. doesn't have leadership? Are we the only ones who see this? Hey coach: THE PLAYERS ARE TRYING TO GET YOU FIRED! YOUR LEADERSHIP IS THE ISSUE!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Anyone catch what the coach said when asked about Kosto? "He brings leadership which this group could use."

    Oh for gods sake he didn't say this did he? Really?

  2. He did indeed. Why dont we ice Staios for 45 minutes a game if 'leadership' is the problem?


    I feel much better now.

  3. "Leadership" has to be one of the stupidest of the populist fuzzy concepts in all of sports.

  4. True that. I dont understand it beyond 'leadership' pertaining to the veterans policing off ice behaviour.

    That guys a real good person, my captain. Because he is, Im going to score 30 goals. That guy is an asshole, my captain, so Im only going to score 10 goals.

    Hossa couldnt win a cup in Pittsburgh and Detroit because the leadership on those teams wasnt as good as the leadership on Chicago. Its stupid.

  5. How sad is the state of the media when Eric Francis is a voice of reason?

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