Thursday, November 11, 2010

They Serve Milskey In Arizona

We would like to offer some dap to Sun writer Steve Macfarlane. 

When you start columns with an opening like 'Just what the Flames needed — another Sutter giving the organization a black eye.', you are going to get some dap. Earlier this year, Darryl gave an interview and someone asked him about the media, and he said he had worked in tougher media environments than Calgary. In hindsight, we don't think stirring that hornets nest was one of Darryls smarter moves. Because the ink stained see it as a challenge, and they start dropping that your kid is earning $2688 dollars a day to sit in the press box!

And some dap to the Calgary Herald, who provide us with this gem:

Now, if they could combine Macfarlanes smack talk with the Heralds use of the mugshot...

Here's what we know. From that mugshot, we can safely say that Brett Sutter is drunk. And he won the fight. Alberta represent!

My oh my, the optics of this are not good. Darryl Sutter is widely seen as having a little too much freedom within the organization, doing what he wants, going unchecked. Now his kid gets arrested after getting into a fight at a bar.

In Scottsdale, the softest location in Arizona.

What, did the guy smudge Bretts' Salvatore Ferragamo's?

Seriously people, we will be up front. It's one thing for a guy to get into a fight at a bar. Shit happens, people get their faces broke. It's quite another for a hockey player, supposedly the toughest hombres out there and not glorified lacrosse frat boys, who is scion to a notoriously 'hard-nosed' Sutter family, to get into a fight at a chauchy bar in a plastic city. He had to be fighting either a retired stock broker or a college kid. It's Scottsdale! Here, look for yourself.

Pretty soft, Brett. We really don't think Brett is out drinking alone, and the papers have done a nice job of keeping the names of the people Brett was with out of the news. But we are afraid all this amounts to is yet more evidence that the Flames are a group of Country Club softies. They are out drinking at a bar that serves strawberry and walnut salad!

God, it's disgusting. Gelinas would never be caught dead in a place like that.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Well DB, that's an interesting angle to take. It would have been ok if it had taken place in a biker bar?

  2. Well Mr. Vagina, YES! BTW, you are at great @ reading b/w the lines. If lil 'drunk' Sutter threw down @ a biker bar, obviously that would have been totally bad ass. Anon, why don't you, and your soccer mom attitudes get the fuck off this web site?

    ALSO: NXT is much more entertaining then Raw.

  3. i'm pretty sure that my post trumps yours (for the first time ever). i also think my post is verging on invasion of privacy, for the first time ever.

    i guess i should curtsey and thank the flames for the opportunity to not coordinate their entertainment cause i won't get another shot at it under this regime (now).

    where u watchin' the game tonight ?

  4. Probably at home, WI. Your humble correspondent is sick. Why, where is the spot?

  5. i dunno. i just want mad hangs !!!! ;)

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