Monday, November 22, 2010

Stamps Lost, Flames Lost, It Is -20C

Stamps lose, Flames lose, and to top it off, John Cena got fired.


So we are looking at the stat line at the end of the game, and we see the Stamps rushed the ball 13 times. What the shit was that? Why are you letting Hank Burris throw the ball, let alone damn near 30 times, in a big game against the Riders?

Reynolds Cornish between them should have gotten 20, 25 touches. It's insane that Huff chose to throw it through the air. Hank can't go Hank and throw interceptions if he is handing the ball off.

As for the refs. Fuck the refs. Sorry, let us clear our throats. FUCK THE REFS. There, much better.

Look, before the game the Riders coach and staff all huddled up with the refs and damn near broke tape on the Stamps secondary with them. That doesn't look suspicious at all.

And then you see all the tic-tac calls. It's bullshit. The fumble that the Stamps recovered, that the refs called a recovery for the Stamps, gets overturned when they go look at in slow motion replay? You're telling me that was a kosher call? Why doesn't the CFL release the angle they used to prove conclusively that the ball was recovered by the riders? The CFL is a joke league sometimes, but words have meanings, and conclusively is a word with meaning.

And fucking Lysack! Well, they play in the secondary because they have no hands.

Anyways, let's get to the good part. Quoteth Dome Beer favourite, D A:

“You can’t tell me we don’t have a right to our (bleeping) spot,” Anderson said. “At the end of the day, we have to defend as a defender. You tell me the receiver can put two hands on you and push off and then that’s pass interference when you jam him back? C’mon man, Tom Higgins. You like that? Is that what you (bleeping) want? You got it.”

This is an insane quote. Huff, you can't control your players anymore? D A was clearly pissed. We can't remember comments like that from a player. He is on to something. Our secondary was being called very tight the whole game, and the secondary is built around being physical, so it hurt the competitiveness of the unit. And we didn't hear Huff had cut D A yet, so we imagine D A was saying what the club felt, Huff included.

Disappointing game fa sho, but look on the bright side: None of us have to go to Edmonton and risk an STD if we drink the tap water.


So we watch the Grey Cup parade route get cancelled, and we turn to the Calgary Flames game, and shit it looks like we missed a good one. And then guess what happens? Another fucking ref makes another soft call. Oi vey.

We thought Chicago wasn't indicative of anything. It looked like we played a good game and they played a poor one. When we meet them a second time, we will put more stock into the result. The Red Wings, however, we have played before, and we actually seemed, in our limited viewing, to play them pretty tough. The team isn't a second last place team, it just isn't, and it would be sad if we let the players cop out with being one. This team does have talent on it. Jackman and Glencross, and even Gio. If we can get the rest of the guys playing, who knows.

Domebeer-aholics, why was Bourque benched?


Insider trading scandals are great times to buy good financial companies, and by that we mean crooked ones, on a dip. Which makes today a great buying day, and right before Christmas, too!

Links! Links! Links!

Think you're brave? Play a financial index this week, we dare you.

Also, Al Gore admitted to being a fraud, which was nice. We've said on this space before how the green energy movement as it is currently formulated does little good and in fact does a lot of damage to the poor people of the world, which is true. Its nice to have the high priest of the religion, err, movement, confirm it, though.


Because the Stamps lost to the Riders, the Flames lost to the Wings, and sport lost to the refs and organized gambling, here you go:

We love Can-Con.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Pretty mannish face on the *ahem* "Hot Girl". I'll take this week's RW over her any day of teh week.

  2. Ha! I wasn't looking at the face.

  3. to go with the wrestling reference at the top of the page.

    Next time Ill go with a european, ok?

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