Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pre Game Fluff

Do ya'll twitter? We do (follow us). So does Bob McKenzie, Canada's hockey insider.

Well today, boys and girls, we sent the Hockey Dad a tweet. And because we are super smart and extraordinarily cool, we expected to get a response. And we did! (And you should never start two sentences, back to back, with the same word!)

Bobby was tweeting up a storm today. He sent out about 10 tweets in a minute. For those of you who don't know, this isn't great tweeting etiquette. Get up from your desk and mix in a donut (or in Bobby's case, twelve of them), you now? And yet Bobby does this all the time.

So we sent Bobby a tweet. It read something like 'Step away from the keyboard. 10 tweets in a minute is quite enough'. Now we wont lie. We didn't even think Bobby would notice. But Bobby did notice, probably, again, because we are super smart and extraordinarily cool. But his response held none of the levity and care-free fun that our tweet at him contained. No, in a huffy huff huff, cranky ol' Bobby Mac responded with something like 'If you don't like it, unfollow me'.

In the words of Wayne: Cha?

We have tweeted one time to Bobby Mac, and he lost his cool and responded. Dome Beers: 1. Paid NHL PR guy who masquerades as a journalist: 0.

What could possibly cause Bobby to lash out like this? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have some possible explanations.

1) Bobby Mac is jealous we tweet to Darren Dreger over him. But really, we can't be faulted over that. Not only is Darren Dreger the more connected insider, consistently breaking hockey stories before Bobby, but he also has more followers than Bobby. Ouch! We would be mad too if we were about to lose our position as 'Canada's hockey insider' to Dreger, too! Seriously, unfollow you, Bobby? At this point, you need all the followers you can get!

2) Bobby is old. Like really, really old. He is older, by a year, than 53 year old dirt. That's old, dude. And seeing as we sent our tweet at him in the morning, he was no doubt tired. That's what old does to dudes, it makes them tired. Bobby Mac had probably been up for a good three hours by the time we sent our tweet. That's way past nap time for an old, increasingly marginalized (Dreger is just sooooo much more connected now, and one of the reasons is he can stay up past twelve noon) dude like Bobby. We can't possibly fault him for being cranky. We are actually kind of impressed he can turn one of those new fangled computers on, to be honest with you.

3) Bobby needs to get laid? Just putting it out there...

Listen, this is all in good fun. We love Bobby, and are just happy he noticed our existence. Of course his response sucked. His response to our tweet should have been along the lines of 'Hey Domebeers, while I'm on the topic of self promotion you should buy my book'. But hey, nobody pays the man to think any thoughts not pre-approved by the NHL.

And as always, go Flames go.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. i don't 'do' twitter (though i saved the space with a kickass mafackin' haiku in case someday i wanna). i DO, however, really like the idea of communicating with perfect strangers 140 characters at a time. like, for example, i could just drop a note to david blaine, remind him about that time we 'hung out' and then hook up with him in nyc when i'm there.

    right ?

    ps: i now officially think bobbymac is a douche. i mean, why even bother responding ?!?!?

  2. DB, if that really took just one tweet to crack BMac, then yes, he is douchebag.