Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post Game Fluff

We win! We're the best team ever!

Things we liked

- We like Jarome, but the cat needs to score. Of course, if he isn't scoring, he might as well be breaking wrists, eh TJ Galiardi?

- David Moss, in front of the net? Good idea.

- There was a point in the game where 11 got into it a little behind the Colorado net, and Jarome went after the guy who was going after the rookie. Good stuff, because he didn't have to do it (why is Backlund hanging out by the crease after play has stopped anyways if he is going to skate away at any contact?), but he did.

- Stajan got run over, but to his credit, when he got up he went towards the play and not towards the bench. On the play, when Stajan was skating towards the bench, Peter Loubardias demonstrated just why people get so infuriated with him. Stajan is skating off, and Loubardias says something to the effect of 'And Stajan is skating off...' which is good. More than good, this was a solid line. Except Loubardias couldn't let the thought linger, he couldn't let the audience just watch Stajan just skate back to the bench. Peter waits a half moment, and then immediately starts talking again. '...and look at him skate off. He needs to get off. He's hurt. He's yada yada, He's...'. When 'Silence' would have been entirely appropriate, Loubardias chooses 'Noise'.

- Coach changed some lines up.

- Long walks on the beach.

Things we didn't like

- Jay Bouwmeester should have gone after Duchene (after getting the tag from Sarich) instead of acting like a linesman.

- Jarome needs to score. Taylor Hall has more goals.

- Olli missed on an empty net! Irony is dead, buried, dug out, beat up some more, lit on fire, and buried again.

- Jeter didn't win the Gold Glove, did he? That award may have killed off it's prestige a while ago, but that really made me notice it.

- Pop 40 music.

Bottom Line

 This team is showing signs of not completely sucking. We think, and this has no backing in the stats because we think they show the opposite, really, that this team comes out too tepid sometimes. Tonight would be an example. This team needs to get some swagger, from somewhere. Does swagger increase one's talent? Not physically, but if one plants in ones head the idea of swagger, of being better than the opponent, then the good thoughts you are after will follow. 'I'm better than this guy, I'm going to let him know it.' is a powerful thing, and hopefully the Flames are starting to get it back.


  1. They beat a team with no defence. Start the parade.

  2. Im glad I can go from a web site like deadspin that is full of dong, and go to one that gets the gayness off me ASAP!

  3. The only reason they won was b/c they skated for the 3rd, and Colorado went into prevent mode.

    Team doesn't need swagger, it needs work ethic, to skate, skate, skate!

    PS: Can we trade Ian White yet?


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