Monday, November 1, 2010

It Was An Entertaining Rape, At Least

After a game like that, we can start at a lot of places.

We are going to start with this: We don't get the booing.

That's a little disingenuous on our part. We get why the fans are booing. When you pay ticket prices that are basically the top of the market (the Flames are within the top 5 most expensive teams to see) you expect results. When you pay that much for a ticket, you expect wins. Losing at home is unacceptable. Losing at home, again, after you blow a lead, again, cannot happen.

So yeah, we understand why the fan feels the impulse to boo after losing 7-2 to Washington. We just don't respect it.

The game to boo was the Colorado game. That game they gave up multiple leads, even in the third period. They should have been booed off the ice for that stinker. A bunch of kids who wanted to work and compete made the team panic and fold.

Washington is a different story. Washington is actually talented. There is no shame in losing to a team that is clearly better than yours in every aspect of the game.

We keep reading and hearing that the Flames played the best first period of the season versus Washington. No they didn't. Washington didn't show up for the first period. Period.

But while both teams feel they only need to put in 20 minutes of work a night, Washington can actually win games doing it.

Booing the Flames after they got outclassed like that is like laughing at a retard when he gets a math question wrong.

Kool-Aid drinkers: This team does not have the talent to compete with the real teams in the league. The Flames look for all the world like a .500 hockey team. Why are you booing a .500 hockey team that just lost to what may be the best team in the league?

The developing meme's this season has us choosing sides between a hockey hero or a coach. That is wrong. The real issue isn't the Jarome or Brent. The real issue is Darryl. He has not supplied the horses necessary for success. No amount of coaching in the world is going to turn Olli Jokinen into Backstrom. There is no bag skate long enough to turn Hagman into Semin. And the fountian of youth is not available for our Jarome.

Darryl Sutter has constructed a flawed roster. Karlsson appears to be Swedish for 'easy rebound' which means that Mikka has no incentive to play well. His job isn't being threatened, and the lack of competition is not a good thing. Bourque, Joker, Hagman, Morrison, Backlund, ect. appear to be here one game and gone the next. 7 million dollars for 2 goals is a slap in the face, if you ask us, Iginla.

We have said it before and we will say it again. 04 killed this team. The fanbase does not accept talent, or the lack of it, as an excuse, because a very untalented team captured this cities heart all those years. But the thing with catching lightning in a bottle is the more times you attempt to do it, the more likely you are to die by lightning strike.

Simply put, this team isn't good enough for it's price tag of 65 million dollars. That's on Darryl. Not Brent or Jarome.

Cory Sarich. He took a very, very stupid too many men penalty and he also scored on his own team.

We thought the point of having Cory Sarich up here was that he wasn't going to do anything stupid. We thought the point of having him on the ice not in the press box was for his steady depth.

Because if the team needs someone to skate out of position, take stupid penalties, and act like they can't play the NHL game, they should call up T J Brodie, no?

Rookie mistakes are tolerable out of rookies. T J Brodie hurts the teams chances to win more than Cory Sarich? Right, sure, and we got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

If this team wants to send the message to its players, and more importantly, to its paying customers, that it is serious about winning, it would cut Sarich and Staios. If you need to ask why, then you haven't been paying attention.

Langkow, who for many fans represented the Shiny White Knight who was going to ride in and save this season, is being pressured by the club to retire.

We don't know Langkow personally, or what the 'setbacks' are (reported to be tingly sensation when he skates/moves) but we can give you our observations.

Langkow is a warrior. He has played with broken bones and all that good stuff. The fact that he is wary about his own health is a big red flag. The doctors keep giving him the go ahead to skate, and when he does he shuts himself down. Langkow himself is worried about his health, and he is a tough guy.

If he has doubt in his mind, he is probably done. You feel for the guy, because he had a very good NHL career and you know he didn't/doesn't want it to end that way.

But let's cut all the bullshit. If the guy can't play at the NHL level anymore, he shouldn't be welcomed back. It takes a lot of character to fight your way back from a broken neck, but you have to be able to actually play when you do so. It takes a lot of character to get your life cleaned up and not be a junkie anymore, but we didn't allow Theo to come back and play, either.

Either you can play or you can't. If Langkow can't play at the level that he is required to, the team shouldn't let him. If he comes back and can play, sure, welcome him back. But after, what, 8 months away from the game, at 34 years old coming back from a broken neck, it doesn't seem likely.

So what should the Flames do? It isn't our money, but if we were the Flames we would ask him to retire. Hockey is a business, and this team needs that cap relief. But the Flames should also honour Langkows contract. He is owed about 9 million dollars (4.5 this year AND next year) and we think the Flames should do what is right and honourable and pay the guy his money, even if he retires a year early. He did get hurt wearing the teams colours, after all.

We don't know the arcane rules regarding retirement, but it would seem to us that the Flames should have him retire, and then if he gets healthy and can play, they can then sign him to a new contract that better reflects the risk/reward of the players contributions.

The main thing we would like to avoid, if we can be honest about it, is Langkow seeing the team struggle, coming back early out of a misplaced sense of duty, getting really, really hurt, perhaps paralyzed, and the team still missing the playoffs. That would be tragic.

Pierre Mcguire is a douche bag. We all should have some qualms and questions about Darryl Sutter's general managership, but we think we can all agree that we don't want Pierre to replace Darryl. Hearing him this morning basically lobbying for the job was a little much.

Brent Sutter's whining is starting to piss us off. If he feels he needs to whine to the media after every loss because the players don't listen to him, maybe we should get a coach the players listen to?

Anywyas, this quote from V. Halls (why is everybody who covers this team from Edmonton?) article in the Herald caught our eye.

Quoteth Brent Sutter: "This has nothing to do with fragile. We have to get tougher. We have to be able to deal with adversity better."

This has nothing to do with the team being fragile, it just needs to get tougher? What the fuck does that even mean, you fucking moron? Having to get tougher implies the team is fragile. Fuck. Does this guy not realize what he just said? No wonder the players don't listen to him, he comes off as an idiot.

We hope we don't end up trading Jarome to appease this country bumpkin.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I know a way to get the players to relax!

    Have a rodeo clown fire the sutters!

    By rodeo clown i don't mean u domebeers guy.

    If you think we should get rid of everyone who can't play anymore, why not start with Iggy. getting rid of him would get us the most cap space...

  2. Don't you need someone to take him? Nobody is taking Iggy for picks and prospects. You'll need to take a contract coming back. The kind of contracts coming back for an aging star aren't the good kind.

  3. One thing I wanted to add.

    The Flames have this 'system', right?

    Well, you know what teams employ systems? Bad ones. Hear me out.

    When Canada plays Whateverastan in any hockey tournaments, you will notice Whateverastan will employ a system. That system is usually a variation of the 1-4, or something similiarly defensive oriented. They do that because they know that is their only chance to beat Canada, because Canada has so much more talent that if they actually play hockey (remember folks, it was invented as an offensive game. Defensive hockey is a now accepted form of blasphomy) they will lose.

    Teams that have talent gaps employ systems to minimize the talent gap artificially.

    The fact the Calgary Flames have to rely on this defensive system to have success speaks directly to the fact that Darryl has put a team on the ice that is a poorly constructed one.

    Now the counter argument is that in this league, which is overcoached, you will die, no matter the talent, if your team doesnt get coached up (system) too. Montreal V Washington is the example. But that was a playoff series. What we saw on Saturday and what we have seen V Edmonton is that in the regular season, you can win with pond hockey. So while I do acknowledge that in the playoffs, where in theory talent gaps should be narrow anyways, coaching can swing a series, I also want to point out that during 82 regular season games talent will win a lot of those, and the Flames just don't have enough. 2 nice second lines, 2 nice checking lines, not good enough.

    Also, if you are still reading...Jarome needs more ice time. Cat should be playing 20 minutes plus a night, not 15 or whatever he had V the Capitals.

  4. Wow domebeers, good teams dont have systems?
    Watch the '72 series u punk & watch the russians.

    jerome needs another mega forward. All good teams have at least 2.
    Sid-Malkin,Toews-Kane,Ovi-Backland, Richards-Carter. The most talent Jerome has ever had next to him iwa a 40 year old Theo!