Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rubbertrouts Team Is Going To Lose By 10 Goals Tonight, So Let's Help Him Fight Cancer

Something a bit different today, Domebeer-aholics.

We had promised that we were going to run the 'Meet The Edmonton Cheerleaders' post today (and to be accurate and fair, we also added that it could be Wednesday). And we may still, it's sitting in the WIP.

But one of the Domebeer-aholics requested our help for a cause. You Domebeer-aholics have helped us, have done us favours. You read the blog whenever we post our garbage, daily, by the hundreds (tell your friends so we can get up to the thousands), and we honestly thank you for that. If we can help you out, return the favour a little, we are happy to do it. And when it is the Yokozuna of the commenter's, one of the original gangsta's of the Domebeer-aholics, Rubbertrout, asking for our help, then it isn't even a question.

Rubbertrout hates cancer. And well he should. Cancer murdered his mom and is currently raping his dog. You read that right. Cancer is such an asshole that it is currently raping Rubbertrouts dog. After it murdered his mom. Fuck you, Cancer. Fuck off and die, you fucking bitch.

That's good, noble hate. That's the type of sentiment we can get behind, 100%. We have family members who Cancer murdered, too. Cancer is like that, it will kill anybody. It doesn't care if you are rich or poor. It doesn't care if you are pretty or ugly. It doesn't care if you are smart and cheer for the Flames or are mentally handicapped and cheer for the Oilers. It doesn't care. It will fucking kill you.

So let's stop taking this shit from Cancer. It's time to fight back. Let's help Rubbertrout murder Cancer.

In Rubbertrouts own words:
"I really, really, really hate cancer. I lost my mother to cancer nine years ago. My dog is currently undergoing cancer related radiation therapy. Cancer has at some point directly or indirectly affected nearly everybody I know. This year I’ve decided to try and do something about it. This year I’ve decided to grow a moustache."
Well said. The only thing we would have added is: What the hell is Cancer going to do, when the legions and legions of Domebeer-aholics trample right all over you (Cancer)?


Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. DB, lawyers are reading this site? And you haven't been sued yet?

    Im amazed.

  2. I find it funny that rubbertrout is also a Mike H., too bad he's a dirty oiler fan. Although I don't know him directly, I know enough litigators in town (that's right, I get sued a lot) that I'm sure we've been at the same party somewhere. I hope he kills cancer with his 'stache.

  3. You're a hero DB.

    Of course one of my colleagues from work has now looked at the site and has determined my secret identity. I guess if I'm willing to grow a moustache and look ridiculous that way having my friends at work know me by my ridiculous internet name isn't so bad.

  4. The Oil are going to win 5-0 and Steady Steve will be minus 5 (or a healthy scratch.)

  5. The Flames barely won. Dick.