Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dome Beers NFL Picks

Domebeer-aholics, we are pleased to introduce to you a new feature here at Dome Beers. The Dome Beers NFL Picks Panel.

In case you have forgotten, the panel includes AZR (Dome Beers fame), Pat Steinberg (FAN960 fame), Jared Ramsden (NJ HF and scouting fame), and Doug Kirkwood (of being hilarious fame).

Anyways, let's get to it.


TEN V NYG (-2.5) Sheli or VY? We lean toward the suicidal Longhorn. Pick Titans

SF (-1.5) V KC Wasn’t SF to go to playoffs? Now they are pickems with KC?

DAL V HOU (-2.5) Dallas wins by a TD.

BUF V NE (-13.5) New England going boat-racing this weekend. Pick NE

Love or hate overtime Rules In CFL? If I wanted to watch everyone get a chance, I'd watch the girls at the Back Alley. Hate it.

CLE V BAL (-10.5) Browns should be relegated. Pick BAL

DET V MIN (-10.5) Again, too many points. Pick DET

ATL V NOW (-4.5) The whole NFC prays at the alter of Drew Breesus. Pick NOW

PIT (-2.5) V TB Steelers. TB gets shutout, PIT returns an INT or two.

Short Shorts or Skinny Jeans? Who likes short-shorts? We like short-shorts.
CIN (-3.5) V CAR The Bungles. If they want to keep talking, they need to win this game.

WSH (-4.5) V STL Redskins

PHI (-2.5) V JKV Kolb's a pooface. Pick PHI

IND (-6.5) V DEN NFL Films say pick IND

Ed Whalen or Peter Maher? Ed Whalen is the correct answer.

OAK V ARZ (-4.5) Zona wins big at home.

SD (-5.5) V SEA Crazy shit happens when the Hawks play at home. Pick SEA

NYJ V MIA (-2.5) I think MIA will win this game with sacks. Pick MIA

GB (-3.5) V CHI Bears at home should cover. Pick CHI


TEN V NYG (-2.5) I'll take VY and the Titans to bounce back and cover on the road.

SF (-1.5) V KC I know KC has been a nice story, but I think San Fran gets their first win here.

DAL V HOU (-2.5) Houston is going to tear that up. TEAR THAT UP.

BUF V NE (-13.5) Two touchdowns is too big. NE wins but Buffalo covers.

Love or hate overtime Rules In CFL? Love it in the regular season. A travesty in the playoffs.

CLE V BAL (-10.5) Big number, but Flacco has shown he bounces back…Ravens cover

DET V MIN (-10.5) Big number, and Minny is good at home…eeeeek…Vikes cover, only because Detroit doesn't have Stafford.

ATL V NOW (-4.5) Saints win by more than 5 at home.

PIT (-2.5) V TB That Tanard Jackson loss kills the Bucs. I still won't choose though.

Short Shorts or Skinny Jeans? Skinny jeans on my gal…she looks really good. Short shorts on Katy Perry.

CIN (-3.5) V CAR A full week of practice helps Jimmy Clausen in his first start. Panthers cover.

WSH (-4.5) V STL Redskins have looked above average for most of two games…I'll take them.

PHI (-2.5) V JKV Jaguars. MJD is going to rip that shiz apart, just like Best did.

IND (-6.5) V DEN Denver has yet to really impress, so the Colts ride that Sunday night wave to a cover.

Ed Whalen or Peter Maher? Do you know where I work? Both are legends.

OAK V ARZ (-4.5) Will anyone watch this game? Oakland cover as Grad is in.

SD (-5.5) V SEA The Seattle factor will play a part, but not enough, Chargers still the pick.

NYJ V MIA (-2.5) Divisional game. Jets rise to the challenge and win big on the road.

GB (-3.5) V CHI Game of the week. I'll the Bears to cover at Soldier.


TEN V NYG (-2.5) NYG - Two teams coming off very bad weeks, NYG rebounds at home.

SF (-1.5) V KC S.F. - K.C. is very lucky to be 2-0. The luck runs out this week.

DAL V HOU (-2.5) HOU - Would anyone have thought the Cowboys could possibly be 0-3? It's about to happen!

BUF V NE (-13.5) N.E. - That 13.5 is a big number, but the Bills are that bad, and the Pats are looking to bounce back after that loss to the Jets.

Love or hate overtime Rules In CFL? CFL O.T. - Like it, ends things quickly, yet provides plenty of excitement. And gives boths teams a fair chance to win.

CLE V BAL (-10.5) BAL - Hello Joe Flacco, it's time to make use of your weapons, and the Browns are the perfect tonic. Ravens roll at home.

DET V MIN (-10.5) DET - Lions maybe 0-2, but they aren't pushovers anymore, even without Stafford. 10.5 points is too much for me. Vikes win, Lions cover.

ATL V NOW (-4.5) N.O. - If the line was over a touchdown, I would have taken the Falcons. Should be a great game between NFC south rivals regardless.

PIT (-2.5) V TB PIT - Doesn't matter who's QB for the Steelers. That defense is ridiculous and I don't think Freeman will handle it. Steelers to cover and win.

Short Shorts or Skinny Jeans? Skinny Jeans vs Short Shorts - Give me skinny jeans, because it's always skinny jean season!

CIN (-3.5) V CAR CIN - Good move by Carolina to switch to Claussen, however, that Bengal defense is tough and they should be able to score enough to win by a touchdown.

WSH (-4.5) V STL WSH - Even though Washington blew that game against Houston, they are showing signs of becoming legit. This one could get ugly fast. Skins win and cover no problem.

PHI (-2.5) V JKV PHI - The Mike Vick show goes to South Florida to pick on the happless Jaguars and their awful secondary. Eagles cover this one easy.

IND (-6.5) V DEN IND - Likely no Champ Bailey against Peyton Manning? Doesn't bode well for Denver. Colts win by a touchdown.

Ed Whalen or Peter Maher? Whalen or Maher - Tough call, but gotta go with Mr. Yeahhhhhhh Baby!

OAK V ARZ (-4.5) OAK - Might regret this one, but Cardinals have looked terrible and the Raiders seemed to show some life after the QB change. Cards might win, but Raiders will at least cover

SD (-5.5) V SEA S.D. - Hawks are tough at home, but unless it's pouring in Seattle, the Chargers should be able to dismantle the Seahawks. Bolts offense is kicking into high gear.

NYJ V MIA (-2.5) MIA - Probably one of the best games of the week. Give the home-town Dolphins the edge here as they squeak out a 3-point victory. Won't be many point to be had here

GB (-3.5) V CHI G.B. - Bears have looked surprisingly good so far, but I don't think that O-line holds up against the Packers. Oh yeah, and the Packers can score.


TEN V NYG (-2.5) This is almost even money. Flip a coin, edge goes to the G-men at home

SF (-1.5) V KC KC are light in the Defence with injuries, Niners by 3

DAL V HOU (-2.5) Dallas are a mirror image of the Vikings right now, this is a statement game for the Texans and they might be a darkhorse this year

BUF V NE (-13.5) The spread couldn't be big enough, Buffalo are just aweful. Theonly person loving this is TO

Love or hate overtime Rules In CFL? Hate It

CLE V BAL (-10.5) Baltimore will win this game, but only by 10. That half point either way could be a killer on this one

DET V MIN (-10.5) Somehow my Vikings (yeah that's right i just said MY) just get the job done...Or do they? Upset Special, Detroit by 4

ATL V NOW (-4.5) Atlanta look good, but not that good. Saints keep on rolling.

PIT (-2.5) V TB This is a pick 'em game at best. Steinberg ! Just who the hell are the Buc's this year? Dammit Steinberg take that hat off in my classroom!

Short Shorts or Skinny Jeans? Too many variables to decide.

CIN (-3.5) V CAR Cats by figure out who I mean

WSH (-4.5) V STL Washington puts the mistakes behind them this game and Coach Shanahan gets tricky. Redskins.

PHI (-2.5) V JKV He da man. Oh yeah the dog killer. Well he leads the pack on Sunday as he gets the nod. Watch for Vick to scramble for some crucial 1st downs. Philly

IND (-6.5) V DEN Peyton at those shuffling feet at the line. He's too smart and he knows how to use his weapons. Watch for Indy to make it to the big show.

Ed Whalen or Peter Maher? Yeah baby !

OAK V ARZ (-4.5) This game should tell us a little more about the Raiders. Are they as real as some are saying? This game will tell. I will take the Raiders riding high on last wee

SD (-5.5) V SEA Chargers, only because the Shit-Hawks have fucked me more than any other Team in Proline history! Die you Seahawks, Chargers all the way

NYJ V MIA (-2.5) This should be a low scoring affair. L-E-T-S, these guys are believing the hype and playing like it.

GB (-3.5) V CHI Both teams are arche enemies to me. Don't care, but I'll take the Bears only because I have a Butkus Jersey.
So there you go, folks. Go out and bet your life savings on what you have learned here today. We are not in love with the formatting, so we will work on that for next week.

(The lines are from Sports Select, in case you were wondering)

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. DB-good thing you aren't a professional handicapper. Damn the Eskimos. If Toronto hadn't shat the bed I'd be $650 richer. Damn you Sports Select!