Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Check The O.R.

Listen. We had another post to 'post' but then Ken King called into the FAN960 and monkey wrenched our whole operation.

Fuck, you know what? We have to go even further back for ya'll to grasp some of our points, so let's do that. Because before we talk about Ken King, you should know exactly where we is coming from (ghetto slang!).

You know the cat we have write the Harvey stories? The guy that goes by DeathHammer? In real real life, Ken King credited him with inventing the Flames 'Retro Night'. Gave him free tickets and everything. Other people in the brain trust, most recently when the Flames held the NHL imposed 'One Day Ticket Sale', have sent invective laden emails into Mr. Kings office, and have always received a response that tackled whatever grievance was had with a logical and reasoned argument. They did not receive 'form' response emails. Now, to be fair, the response email was always from Rollie Cyr, but we can chalk that up to corporate policy. Whatever the case, Ken King and his office have a lot of dap in the bank with us.

But Ken King calling into the FAN960 to talk about what Mike Peca had to talk about is something we gotta talk about.

Mike Peca had some words for Dome Beers punching bag Jay Bouwmeester. If you're a reader of this site, you can probably guess where we come out on what Peca said. We mean, he hit everything, and did it very succinctly. He said JBlow was soft (amorphous adjective alert!), easy to play against (by which he meant he doesn't hit and turns the puck over), not great offensively (wasn't JBlow a PP quarterback?), and overpaid. And all in about 30 seconds!

While you may not like the tone of what Peca said, you can't deny that on any of the points mentioned debate has not arisen where it pertains to JBlow. These points are not out of the pale of polite society hockey talk. Even JBlow's defenders will admit that a great deal of this man's promise exists only in our dreams as potential. Some of what Peca had to say is indeed flat out wrong (for example: to the best of our knowledge, JBlow isn't the PP quarterback, or even featured on the first team PP.), and some of what he had to say had the harsh taste of truth to it.

Flash forward a day, and we now have Ken King calling in to the local sports radio show to defend the maiden honour of JBlow. Which gives Dome Beers something to talk about.

Mr. King had some very pointed things to say about Mr. Peca. He questioned the man's journalistic integrity, and basically implied that the man had some sort of grudge with JBlow. He did this while claiming not to want to get in a 'diss war' with Mr. Peca.

On these two points: One, when Mr. Peca on the panel claimed that JBlow was a bust he didn't do it out of nowhere, as Mr. King implied. Mr. Peca claimed that JBlow was brought in to help the PP, and the PP did not in fact get better, ergo JBlow sucks. While all it would take is a quick look here to see that JBlow wasn't played very much on the PP, the fact remains that Mr. Peca did in fact qualify his argument. It was a bad argument to make, and the maker of it employed bad logic, but the statement was qualified. We bring this seemingly little point up because it shows that Mr. Peca was at least trying to act like a member of the media. He wasn't going drive-by with his bombs. And as for whether JBlow was easy for Peca to play against...that's nothing we can really comment on (unless, of course, someone wants to crunch the numbers so we can find out if JBlow shut Peca down or not). Two, if you don't want to get into a 'diss war' with someone, then don't be throwing out little cat swipes. Passive aggressive makes you look pretty ugly.

Look, to get to the truth of it, we were bothered that King tried to imply Peca had no right to express his opinion. We have expressed our admiration for Mr. King, but this sudden display of the brown shirt shouldn't be tolerated. Peca isn't a journalist? What the fuck is a journalist? The Press has a job. It's famously embodied in the expression 'Speak Truth To Power'. Peca calling a big time free agent acquisition by a Canadian team a bust on Canadian television is pretty much what he should be doing as 'journalist'. Ken Kings swipe about whether Peca needs to decide whether he is a former hockey player offering opinion or a journalist is a joke. Earth to King: In the year 2010, pundits are journalists. Journalists are pundits. We can discuss the merits (or lack of) of this situation, but that's the situation. What, is Mike Peca suppose to leave his hockey career at the home before he goes into the TSN studio to give his opinions on hockey?

Before Ken King called into the local sports show, Boomer and Kerr were talking about what Ken said, and wouldn't you know it, they offered some opinion. And the opinion was actually one that could be characterized as falling into the Peca camp. Three seconds later Ken King is on the line. Was Ken King calling in to bully the local guys? Is this why they don't criticize the team when it, oh we don't know, loses 9 games in a row? Because Ken King has spies listening?

And of all the guys to defend. We do not understand the love story some of the fans in this city have with Jay. Have you ever heard of a FREE AGENT coming in with so much fanfare and busting so badly that doesn't get booed off the ice? And people in this city are booking tickets to Toronto to fight Peca? Why?

JBlow has never gotten into a fight, at least one that we can recall, with the Flames. Everybody who comes to the Flames has to fight someone. But not JBlow? JBlow has never crushed a member of the Coilers or the Casucks. Why not? Look, it used to be that a player actually had to do something to earn the respect and admiration of a fanbase. 'Doing something' consists of scoring a lot of goals, or fighting, or hitting a member of a hated hockey club. Something noticeable. Could you imagine how high the roof would fly off the Dome if JBlow blew up Hall? Because we all want to cheer for him. But, in all honesty, he hasn't given the fans anything to cheer for, and we cannot understand why some fans in this city pretend that he has.

Yes, we know that if someone gets on national TV and rips a player on your team, then someone in the administration has to respond. But respond to TSN. Why are you calling the local Calgary show? Why? The beef is with Mike Peca and TSN. Don't give us fake hustle. Don't try to act tough with the local radio guys who have nothing to do with the story. If you want to be the big man and be big bluster, do it to Mike Peca and TSN. Because otherwise it looks...fake.

Still with us? Good. What we had wanted to talk about was two things: James Cameron and the NFL results.

The results first, because you may not all be into the politrick talk.

AZR: 8-8
Steinberg: 6-10
Ramsden: 5-11
Kirkwood: 7-9

So we all need to step our games up, Ramsden.

Fuck, we aren't feeling our Cameron rant right now, so we will be quick.

If you think developing the oilsands is a bad idea, you're a fucking idiot, period point blank. The cheaper you make energy, the cheaper you make basic goods, the cheaper you make it to live a basic life, the more poverty you alleviate. Cheap energy means cheap food, and when you live on a dollar a day, that means something. People like Cameron like to run around and act like they are some caring social conscience, and it's just a plain old fraud. If we were to adopt the ideas that Cameron has, all that would happen is that poor 3rd worlders would starve to death.

Think about that. The people who are going around and advocating little children policies shroud themselves in this veil of morality and they often do so on behalf of 'the little people; the common folk; the masses', and all the policies that they advocate are detrimental to those constituencies. It's insane that we give hucksters like this the time of day, yet the unelected Premier of Alberta is holding meetings with this Cameron schmuck? Why? Because he has a bank account and a microphone? These are the qualifications necessary to gain the credibility to pronounce?

Let us repeat: James Cameron is a fucking idiot. Why is Stelmach allowing a fucking idiot to hold court? It's because he has really bad people advising him. Here is a chance for Stelmach to tell the stereo type 'hollywood liberal' where he can stick his protest, and actually gain some favour with the voters, and Ed's handlers are so fucking stupid that they miss the chance. How can his advisors miss that softball? And as so called professionals!

Remember the Boomer tweet in the summer about some player getting traded? He was talking about Dawes. So he was right, sorta, kinda, belatedly.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I like the cut of the King's jib...

    However, Cameron is a douche'

  2. Goebbels references...wonderful. Nazi's are real funny.

    DB, some good points. What was Ken King doing? Peca must have hit the bullseye.

  3. The KIng doth protesteth too much ... the entire management team likely feels a little sensitive after commiting almost 7 million to a D man who fell way below expectations last season.

    I'll give Jay bo the benefit of the doubt and say last year was an adjustment period but he better step up soon because a raw rookie in Brodie has outshined him in this preseason.

    Maybe it all works out as Peca's comments could give Bo a kick in the pants that the coaching staff or GM are reluctant to do given his quiet, reserved nature.

  4. EARNEST: ear·nest/ˈərnist/

    : characterized by or proceeding from an intense and serious state of mind

    Synonyms: Anonymous 8:12am

  5. J-Blow and Kotalik both need to fight to show the fans that they are willing to pay the price to win. The preception is that they only play for $. The truth is that the mole people play for keeps.

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