Friday, September 10, 2010

Apologia, And Happy New Year

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, Domebeer-aholics. Unfortunately, the lack of posting seems set to continue.

Holidays this week, which means the extended family is in town. We just don't have the time available to us to actually write an article. Which explains why we haven't.

We are hoping to get an article on the latest news (Why the Jason Smith is a wife-beater story got so little press in the media, Ed Stelmach pontificating on stadiums, Reggie and the trade demands, ect.) up over the weekend, time permitting, or at the latest, Monday.

This obviously means the RTPIC will be delayed again. Apologies to the goalie with a .900 save percentage in the Czech leagues who refuses to do an interview with us unless he gets to preselect the questions. And to you too, dear Reader.

Actually, two things before we go. Recently we have been getting emails from some folks who are imploring us to drop the girls from the site. They actually echo criticism that has been leveled at us by noted Domebeer-aholic and Flames blog O.G. Walking Invisible: The writing is very good (allow us to toot horns) and the girls take away from it. If you (Dome Beers) want to be taken more seriously, they have to go.

We don't necessarily agree with this, and because we aren't chasing the ad dollars, (and as of yet it isn't TSN making the request) we haven't made the requested changes. But we will open up the discussion to you, dear Reader: Should the girls stay, be reduced in number, or eliminated all together?

Obviously, we like the girls. You know...because we are into them (wow, what a filthy double entendre!).

And secondly:

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. psst: my handle is walkinvisible. i like "Walking Invisible", though, except for the caps and the way it sounds like i should star in a movie with kevin costner... oh, and how somehow it makes me feel like i'm now a minnesota wild fan, who writes for my nemesis site,

    thanks for the shoutout, though. being called OG by the likes of you makes me feel pretty fuckin' tuff.

  2. Taken seriously? Are you writing a blog at The Economist? No. Keep the girls.

    Not that I and the Economist crowd don't appreciate you neo-liberal musings.

  3. I likes the purty ladies.

    @WI I'm not sure why DB likes to trot out the OG label other than an obvious affinity to late eighties rap music. He gave it to me a while back. Makes me think of Ice-T circa New Jack City.

  4. Thats just the way that I talk, yo. Vocabulary spills I'm ill.

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