Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Hits

Prairie Oystrers

Rob Kerr is talking about the Le Michel Goulet hiring, and he is correctly highlighting the sentence that most glossed over: 'reports directly to Jay Feaster.'

Good on Kerr. Usually the FAN gets a lot of flack because they tend to gloss over any uncomfortable fact if it pertains to the Flames. Honestly, their coverage of the team during the nine game losing streak is pretty much all the evidence we need to make our point. But we dap when dap is called for, and Kerr jumping on our meme, that this moves signals that Sutter is being put out for pasture, was refreshing to hear.

The Kid

Not to keep rehashing the radio, but something else Mr. Kerr said bothered us, and we feel we need to talk about it. It pertains to the hockey club, obviously, and its roster. Kerr said something to the effect of the following: The organization took, and is taking, a lot of heat over it's inability to develop talent. Because that 'noise' (don't you love marketing terms?) is out there, the team had better have The Kid make the club.

With all due respect to Mr. Kerr, that is retarded.

The Kid should make the club because it would make everybody's tummy feel better? Why don't you just shoot the fucking horse now? We are trying to win games in the NHL. The NHL isn't a video game, it isn't a fantasy league. The NHL is where the best players in the world play, and if you are adding players to your NHL roster it had better be because they can play and contribute to wins at the highest level of hockey.

The Kid has played in 23 NHL games. He has one goal. One. That's quite the phenom we have.

Now we know what you're thinking. Why not add Backs? We aren't making the playoffs anyways.

This is also stupid. Sutter has built a team that has to make the playoffs. It is full of vets, which means it should be full of professionals. If this crew can't crack 8th place, it's over. The goodwill the team has built since 04 will be gone. The organization will have to fire everybody involved, save Jay Feaster (unfortunately). If Jarome doesn't want his ass traded, if the organization doesn't want to lose Kipper to a trade demand, they have to make the playoffs, at the very least. Icing minor leaguers to play minutes because the media is crying for it won't help that goal.

And people are pinning for a rookie to come and be the white knight? It's fucking insane. How many centres are on the roster? Langs, Connie, Stajan (sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little) and Olli ' The Second Coming' Jokinen. Does anybody honestly believe that Conroy isn't making the team? So unless the Flames plan on icing 5 lines this year, we don't really see where The Kid is going to play.

The wing? Really? Hagman, Kotalik, Jarome, Tangs, Glencross, Moss...top three lines look pretty full to me. We just brought in two free agents to play the wings on the 4th line...so yeah, unless Sutter can get a fellow GM to lose nine games in a row so he gets desperate and trades for Kotalik, we don't really see where The Kid is going to play. And even if you do get rid of Kotalik, do you really want Backs playing on the wing?

Again, this is the NHL. It isn't the developmental league. If you ice players who can't play because you drafted them high, or because the media is demanding it, you won't be in a position to make NHL rosters pretty soon.

Cap Circumvention

Garry Bettman doesn't like people using the loopholes he left in his CBA. Ilya taught us all that. Cap circumvention is a terrible blight on the NHL. So why is Garry allowing Chicago to loan the stupid Huet contract to the Swedish league?

That move was made for one reason: To lower the cap hit of that contract. That's cap circumvention, is it not?

Really, think about it: What was wrong with Ilya's contract? The drop off of the value in the final years. So what if they had structured the contract with no drop off. Let's say they awarded Ilya a 17 year 100 million dollar contract, where he makes 5.88 million (roughly) every year. Nothing wrong with that contract, right?

But here's the thing. Secretly, with a wink wink, Ilya has agreed that in the years 35-44, he is going to go the KHL. The team would still owe him the money left on the contract, but that cap hit goes away for years 35-44.

Cap circumvented.

This loophole needs to close, and we don't care that this effects the Flames in particular with regards to Kotalik. It needs to close, or all loopholes need to remain open. Without getting too much into political philosophy, what the NHL has now is the Rule of Man, as opposed to the Rule of Law. Countries that run by ad-hoc rules don't last. Organizations that do the same also don't. How can they? The actors involved don't know where the dictator is going to move the goal posts to next.


Sheldon Souray...putting the Coil in Coiler's.

Furthermore, I think Carthage should be destroyed...err, Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sheldon Souray can suck a giant fat cock.

  2. Good stuff.

    Whatever we think of Sutter(s) these days, I think we can safely assume they won't be making decisions based on what the fans or media want. Backlund will make the club on whatever merits the grim brothers use to evaluate readiness, and not because of populist sentiments.

  3. Bak's should be on the team. he is the only centre with potential., and can still be molded. We know the crap from the rest of them.

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