Thursday, August 19, 2010

Delayed Goulet

Ok, ok, ok. We know you all expect it, so let's get this outta the way right now.

There. Happy? Good. We can move on.

Le Michel Goulet was hired by the Flames to be their new western scout. Stanley Cup, here we come.

Thoughts? Plenty.

Without any inside knowledge, we can see something fucked up is going on with the Flames. From the linked article, and we quote: "The longtime Quebec Nordiques star will be based in Denver and report to assistant general manager Jay Feaster."

Uhh, why? What the hell does Mr. Feaster know about hockey?

Whoa now, DB, the guy won a Stanley Cup, what the hell do you know about hockey?

Well, we know how to read, for starters. Let us show you the reading list. M&G's Hayley and, for some minor balance, Calgary Herald's Scott Cruickshank.

The pertinent info from Hayley's piece: "Tampa Bay's 2003-04 teams wasn't entirely built by Feaster. People like to heap all the praise on him, but the truth is that most vital cogs in the lineup were brought in by Phil Esposito (Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Pavel Kubina, Dmitry Afanasenkov) and Rick Dudley (Martin St. Louis, Fredrik Modin, Nikolai Khabibulin, Cory Sarich, Dave Andreychuk, Tim Taylor). Feaster's accomplishment was rounding things out for the final push."

And to further the point (that Feaster isn't really a scout, or a hockey guy, and shouldn't be making hockey personnel decisions) we bring you some quotes from the Herald: "“I’m sure there were some question marks,” says Bill Barber, a done-it-all hockey man who worked alongside Feaster in Hershey and Tampa."

By 'worked alongside' Scott really meant to say 'was Director of Player Personnel' for Feaster when Feaster was in Tampa and Hershey. Which is to say that Jay Feaster, at all his levels of management, was not the guy with the eye. He was not in charge of scouting. He was in charge of the business. In fact, he had a babysitter in Tampa Bay, Bill Barber, to handle all the hockey side of operations.

Hmm...starting to make sense now, no? Jay Feaster has always had at his side a hockey guy. A guy who played in the league, knows the game, knows what an NHL hockey player looks like. Because this is Darryl Sutter's last year with the organization*, he isn't a candidate to play sidekick. Tod Button can't even spell 'Todd' correctly, so why the hell would Feaster want to tie himself to that retard?

But le Michel Goulet...Hall of Famer, Denver connection, currently unemployed...that's someone Feaster can feel comfortable with as his new Director of Player Personnel when Jay becomes the GM next year, err, as his head western scout while works tirelessly in his job as assistant GM to Darryl Sutter.

Really, what else could it be? Owners hired Jay Feaster for a reason. They then fired 3 scouts to clear out space in the organization for Jay's guys. Jay then hires a HALL OF FAMER to be his head scout for the western region. We thought Darryl was the organizations head scout, and because he only drafts western Canadians (and occasionally a Swede) we just naturally assumed Darryl was the head scout for the western region.

But should we be upset about this? No, not really. Actually it shows ownership is using it's noggin a little. Darryl Sutter is a hockey guy. Hockey guys bring something to the table, mainly a membership card to the old boys club. That's a very effective tool when it comes to making moves. Jay Feaster does not posses that card. But Michel Goulet does...

That's really how we read this move. Jay gets a hockey guy sidekick, which he might not need as an AGM, but will obviously need when he is GM. Why else is Goulet reporting not to Darryl but to Jay? Hell, to keep Goulet away from Darryl, they even let him stay in Denver!

Now as to why Goulet was available...the Avalanche suck, that's why. No, for reals, that's why. When the Avalanche tried to hire St. Pat Roy to be their headcoach (while they still had poor old Tony G as coach) and that flopped, the organization cleaned house. Tony and his coaches were fired, a powerplay ensued, and Goulet was fired because he was boys with the losing party. On the surface, it doesn't look like he was fired because of job performance issues, which means we are probably adding a quality hockey mind.

Which is nice.

Now, to the *. Dear Reader, pray tell, what does Darryl Sutter do? What is his job description? And Mr. Feaster was allowed to bring in his boys already. If next year doesn't go well, and by that we mean if next year goes the way a lot of us suspect it will, who is getting fired?

And that would be a shame, because his replacement is Jay Feaster.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.