Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Offer Sheet?

It's 40 C out, and we got a pool. Forgive us for not busting out one of our patented 1000+ word posts.

Is anybody curious that with Ian White headed to arbitration, and the Flames with about 650K in capspace available, that nobody has signed the guy to an offer sheet?

Forgive the stock watcher in us, but we always look for the 'why' behind the 'why'.

Is Ian White not viewed as a player worth paying by any other GM in the league, for whatever reason?

Do teams that have the need for the player simply not have the cash to sign him?

Is Darryl Sutter so respected in the good old boy community of NHL GM's that they wouldn't even try to drop an offer sheet on him, for fear of the Cowboy shit kicking them at the next GM meetings?

Listen, we don't know the league inside and out, and we don't feel like pouring over the roster of every team in the league when it is 40 plus outside to determine which teams need Dmen and which teams don't. What a quick look at capgeek shows me is there are good teams with capspace available to sign Mr. White to an offer sheet.

Teams like Montreal and San Jose could grab this guy. Doug Wilson has already tried to pry players away by signing the euro Dman from Chicago to an offer sheet. The Capitals and the Blue Jackets are also teams that could afford to bring in White. Dallas (if they have any money), L.A., Tampa Bay, St. Louis, and even Colorado could take a swing. Our favourite theory would be Edmonton throwing an offer sheet at the 'Moustached Midget' just to turn the rivalry up a few notches.

Of course, we would advise the Domebeer-aholics to take a peak at the CBA. From what we understand, if White really wants 3 - 3.5 million dollars in compensation then it is easy to see why no offer sheets have been offered. The draft picks that would accompany an offer in that price range are easily worth more than Ian White is, we suspect, on the trade market. Would you give up a first round draft pick (and at 3.5, multiple ones) for Ian White? If you would, the Flames just hired a shrink, and you should call them up and see if he will see you for an appointment.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. i didn't bother to write the post "csi: white" but this is how i imagine it would have gone down:

    - other GMs know that sutter can ill afford to sign white to anything above 2 and would scoff at anything above 3.

    - a 3.5 million dollar offersheet would not be matched, and that team would give up a first, second, and third round pick (what i figure sutter was HOPING for).

    - if an arbitrator gives white anything above 3, odds of sutter walking away are probably 50/50. this would make ian white a free agent.

    - if i was a GM, i'd probably wait it out. then you can get ian white for 3.5 and lose nothing.

  2. (alternately, if sutter signs him at 3.5, other GMs can trade their expensive, useless, old players for him.... WAY better than dropping high draft picks)

  3. i ended up doing a CSI: white post over at mine and just updated with the feaster quote on the deal. what a bunch of fucking idiots running the flames. jeeeeezus.