Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Domebeer-aholics, before we got to 'Something Funny?' we would like to say one more thing about that terrible interview Sutter gave.

In that interview, when asked about something pertaining to Free Agency, Sutter said that on July 1st teams tend to overpay for players, and that is unsustainable. He said that the Free Agent market was one that the Flames would probably not be getting into too heavily. Sutter then went on to say that is why he prefers to acquire players through trades.

Well, Sutter, here's the fucking record scratch. This little statement of yours, while technically sound, is complete bullshit. Why? Because Sutter is going out and trading for people one year removed from their signing of a free agent contract.

Let's just take this year as an example. He traded for 4 UFA's, 1 RFA, and 2 guys with contracts. The 2 guys who had contracts were Hagman and Kotalik. Hagman was signed as an overpaid free agent in 08-09, and Kotalik in 09-10.

Of the 4 UFA's, one is staying for sure, because Sutter signed Stajan long term. Who knows if that deal was done at market value, or we overpaid/underpaid. We personally think Stajan is going to have trouble in the Western Conference. And who knows what is going to happen with Ian White.

Anyways, we know it's little. But it's the little things, like being able to keep your excuses for failure straight year to year, not contradicting those excuses year to year, remembering where you draft and how many picks you have in the top 100 (2 Sutter, not fucking 4, and it could very well be 1), and trading for overpaid free agents and then turning around and saying you don't want to sign free agents (J BLOW DOESN'T COUNT?) because free agents are expensive...these are the little things that paint the picture.

 Something Funny?

Dave Chappelle had to have written this. Come back from Africa, Dave!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Is that real?

    I dont think buckshot would approve...

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