Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talkin' Softball

Ok people, we know. We know everybody is talking about the blown perfect game. We know we look like, and probably are, biting this story just a little bit. That's cool. We have other things to talk about regarding baseball. But we do, obviously, have to touch on Jim Joyce ruining baseball, but we are also going to talk about The Kid, and we would most definitely like to talk about the Jays bullpens nasty habit of deciding the 9th inning is as good a time as any to break out the batting practice pitches.


 Jim Joyce cost some scrub pitcher a perfect game. Scrub pitchers are scrub pitchers because, well, they are not that great, compared to there MLB competition. Scrub pitchers have a hard time getting through 5 innings, let alone 9. Scrub pitchers have a hard time going perfect through one inning, let alone 9. Scrub pitchers are called scrub pitchers because we don't need to know their names.

Well, we know who the hell Armando Galarraga is now. But lets put his perfect game into perspective.

Armando Galarraga has a career ERA+ of 101. That means he is completely average. Do you know what his career hits per 9 innings pitched is? 8.5. He basically allows one hit per inning he pitches. In his entire career, this guy has pitched 352 innings, and has allowed 331 hits.

Listen, if you are pitching in the show, you got talent (Kevin Gregg notwithstanding). But Armando is an average, to below average pitcher in the bigs. Do you know what the odds are that someone with pedestrian stuff pitches a perfect game?

There have been 20 no hitters in about 100 years. There have been thousands of pitchers in the show throughout that time, and only 20 have been able to go 27 up, 27 down. It is the hardest thing to do in sport, period.

And Jim Joyce is a shitty umpire. Don't let any talking head commentator tell you otherwise. This guy hasn't umped in the playoffs for 3 years. This guy has been working as an umpire in the bigs since 1989, and he has been allowed to work the World Series twice. MLB knows this guy is a shitty umpire.

So some shitty umpire costs Armando a miracle. What does he do? He apologizes. Umm, sorry asshole, not good enough. What happened to honour? What happened to being a man? Jim Joyce needs to quit. MLB needs to fire him, but before they do, Joyce needs to be a man, show some honour, and quit.

Let us put it another way: In any accredited profession, if you screw up as bad as Jim Joyce did, you would lose your accreditation. If you are a lawyer, and you screw up bad, you aren't allowed to practice anymore. If your CA fucks up, he can lose his CA designation. There has to be consequences for this type of shit, or it will keep happening.

And a final fuck you to Joyce, because this idiot is going to get instant replay into the game. Now every game is going to last 16 hours as every call is reviewed. Not cool.


The Kid retired back in April, he just decided to tell us all about it now.

One of the Domebeer crew members once met Junior. He walked up to Junior and shook his hand. Junior pulled a groin.

Some people are talking about how it's a shame that the blown perfect game overshadowed his retirement. We think it's justice. This guy has been ripping a paycheque from the Mariners for the last 2 months to sleep in the dugout and miss pinch hits. The Baseball Gods got the last laugh.

In all seriousness though, The Kid is about the only great player of the 90's not to have steroid allegations to his name. Hopefully it's true and he was clean, because could you imagine the damage to baseball that would occur if we find out this guy was a juiced up roid freak, too?

If anybody out there has played the game, you know how hard it is. The biggest compliment anyone can give a guy is that he made the game look easy. And The Kid did.


AZR is a huge Cubs fan. Kevin Gregg is a piece of shit. Period. Show him any stat you want, AZR saw this guy blow saves in the NL Central for a year, and knows this guy isn't a closer. So we were shocked and surprised that a team that competes in the AL East would sign this walking turd to a contract, and then let him close. Better than Frasor, we guess, but not by much.

If the plan was to lose 100 games, then yeah, good hire. But the Jays, as currently constructed, are not quite bad enough to lose 100 games. They are playing loose because they got Doc out of the locker room, and the players can breath again. They are a very good defensive team. So they got hitting, and they got defence, and wouldn't you know it, they have some good, young arms in the starting rotation. Not a great team, but not a shitty team either.

In fact, the Jays find themselves 3 games behind the Devil Rays in AL East, and 3 games out of the lead for the wildcard. The Jays are in contention, in June.

The Jays will not be in contention if they don't get a closer in the bullpen that can get the hitters in the AL East out. We are not impressed with saves against AL West or Central teams. Those divisions are not the AL East, and don't have the hitters in them that the AL East does.

This is one of the most exciting Jays seasons in quite a long time. We would hope that Rogers doesn't go cheap. Saving some money today by not going out and getting the Jays what they need is going to cost them in ticket sales tomorrow. We know they have attendance problems. Winning into August will stop that shit. Toronto is a front running city, full of fair weather fans. You have to give them a reason to go to the games, and the reason will be winning, because winning will make the team cool again. There is no way that this team will win unless they get a real major league arm in that bullpen to close games. They need a guy who can get A-Rod out, and they don't have that.

Again, it would be a fucking joke if the Jays ownership decides to cheap out and not provide a good team with some help. And they can't wait till the trade deadline, because if they stand pat until then, they will be out of contention. And Kevin Gregg will have killed himself out of frustration. Nobody but AZR wants that.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Junior has been diagnosed with groin cancer. True story.

  2. Pathetic comments about Joyce. Yeah, he made a huge mistake. However, he actually owns up to it and does the right thing by apologizing and you want to rake him over the coals????? Bad calls are a part of sports and especially baseball. You don't see Galarraga whining and calling for his job but you, who doesn't play baseball and are not involved with MLB, feel that somehow he should have to be unemployed for one judgement error?? Also, I am an accredited professional and every accredited professional I have ever met has made a big mistake at one time or another. We all don't lose our designations over 1 mistake, especially a mistake that happens regularly (in this case a mistaken call at the plate). The only reason why anyone cares about this is because of statistics and really, who cares??? They still won the game. The real outcome didn't change.

  3. 1. Each team needs one appeal per game with replay
    2. Detriot should have protested, & bud should have overturned the call, cuz its good for the city of detriot
    3. Galarraga didnt whine cuz he still needs to pitch later, & had a solid up bringing
    4. stats are gay
    5. Lets Go RED SOX!!!!!! BJ's SUCK!

  4. AZR:
    in response to your comment on the CSI capspace post: dude, that thing is like over a year old. you're just gonna have to go back and read the hitthepost archives to get the jist of the awesomeness.... except, of course, that's the best post i've ever written. probably because it's fucking BANG ON and my buddy who is essentially running the NHLPA confirmed it by saying he couldn't confirm it.

  5. Uhh, sorry anonymous #1, but that's retarded.

    The right thing would be to make the right call. That call was terrible. This guy is a joke. If he had any sense of honour at all he would retire.

    If you think this is Jim Joyce's first bad call, you're just uninformed and talking out of your ass.

    The only reason anybody cares about this is statistics? Listen man, you can't accuse someone who plays ball of not playing ball and then utter something so stupid as 'the only reason anybody cares about this is statistics'. The only reason people care about this is because pitching a perfect game is a near impossible feat, especially for some guy who is a marginal major leaguer, and some idiot umpire, known for fucking calls up, who had fucked up calls THAT VERY GAME, fucks it up for him.

    Also, 'accredited professional' (and with an extra yeah right to boot), if you and your colleagues regularly make mistakes at the magnitude of this one, then you're a shitty professional who should lose his job, and you're colleagues are shitty professionals. Please tell me your firm name so me and the Domebeer-aholics can avoid the aforementioned shitty work you no doubt provide.