Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Why? Because we can.

We have been asked by H2H Media to put a link on our site. We would normally ask for 1 million dollars in exchange for the privilege to advertise on our site, but we have waived the fee this time. H2H Media is partnering with the NHL to promote the 'Goal Of The Year' campaign, and has asked us to help. Lucky for them, when we clicked on the link a Gio goal came up, so naturally, we had to say yes.


Wow. We feel so...used. It's the Gary Bettman factor.

Anyways it is a competition. Vote for Flames.

We caught some FAN960 today,and wouldn't you know it, Rob Kerr actually came out with an opinion on the team he covers. Rob's a professional, and all that, and we do not think he is a Domebeer-aholic, which is a shame. But we don't think he understands the position he holds in this city. The average fan knows nobody on the team, nobody in the administration, nobody on the coaching staff. The average fan does know Rob Kerr.

Rob Kerr is seen by many as the link between the team and the fans. This puts Rob in a difficult situation, as Rob works for the FAN, which pays money for the right to broadcast the games. In effect, because of this relationship, Rob is muzzled in what he can say.

You all remember that 9 game losing streak? We remember it. We also remember Rob wanted to talk about the Columbus Blue Jackets. Anything but the Flames. That is a cop out.

Which he is allowed to do. If he has been told by his corporate masters that the Flames tummies get hurt when they hear criticism, and that he should never offer any, that's cool. Craig Conroy told us that Dion paid attention to any story the media ejaculated out about him. He wasn't the only one. Iggy talks about the crazy headlines the Sun runs.

So the team has a thin skin, and Rob, to make life easier for the FAN, plays ball. We don't think it hurts him too much, hell, we listen to the station (although, the FAN has no competition in the market, which may have something to do with it). Do we think Rob has an 'in' with Darryl Sutter? No. We would suspect that he may have culminated some sources within the team, and to keep those sources, he is no doubt careful with what he reveals.

But to a large section of this fanbase, which loves the team and just wants to know, on the most basic level, 'why?', Rob is their source. Does Rob realize this? Who knows. But when he does offer his opinion, it is refreshing.

Rob took a shot at Brent Sutter, and basically all the coaches who have preceded him, as it pertains to the backup goaltender, and the playing time that position has been afforded. Even though it was one sentence, we loved it.

Rob often says on the radio that the listener should 'form their own opinions'. That is complete horseshit. Why? Because everybody in this city DOES have an opinion. We know, we get your emails. The listeners are just curious as to what Rob's opinion is.

Some stuff we noticed:

Al Gore got divorced.

Blagojevich might try to take Obama down.

It's still leaking.

Your Apple IPhone is made by slaves.

There is hope for us all.

The DOW was up 225 points today, to end at 10249. That's hilarious. Anybody else remember when the S&P was damn near 1600?

Fuck any team that includes Pat '20 Cent' Kane on it's roster.

Go Flyers. Also, the Celtics will win. (DOMEBEERS CURSE FUCK OFF)

We know we haven't had much to say this week. We will try to have something funny up tomorrow. Busy time for us, we apologize.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Rob Kerr has a vagina.

  2. i can't wait to hear what steinberg has to say about kerr. also ? i hear steinberg used the L word when referring to this site/you. and when i say "i heard" of course i mean that he wrote it in the comments over at flamesnation.

    also, i'm amused by your busy-ness beginning as mine ends. oh, and that we both hate patty kane (but love the mullet ?). i'm basically just bored now that i'm unemployed and thus hijacking the comments threads of every flames blog i can think of.

  3. I really hate that I enjoy too many blogs. It clearly impacts on my billable hours right now. Ahh to be unemployed again.

    Patty Kane is a douche but the boy has a sweet mullet.

    Kerr isn't so bad either. Compared to the ghosts of Christmas past (Kevin Usselman, Joe Sports (RIP brother) and present (Boomer, Lafitt) he is the cream of the crop. A limited crop mind you but still the cream nonetheless.

  4. RT, I agree completely. Rob is the best they got, until Patty pushes him out of the booth (we pull for Domebeer-aholics).

    Boomer and Lafitt are not great at all. It's just we know Rob has an opinion on this team, and it probably isn't too approving of what has gone on. Why cant he say it on the radio?

  5. WI is right...I've got a mega DomeBeers crush currently.

    I can't speak for Kerr, but I know it took me a good 60 games to feel comfortable actually giving an opinion about the team. Now that I have a full season covering the team under my belt, and now that I've really started to grasp the advanced stats, I feel really prepared for next year.

    It certainly is odd when you are around a team...for me, I just felt gun shy when I wanted to say something, but then I'd pussyfoot around it because I was afraid that someone would hear and not like it.

    Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm gradually growing a set of balls. Not DB balls....but getting there.