Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interview Breakdown

So how many hearts did Alex Ruiz break today?

Not as many as one Darryl Sutter.

If you want some sort of transcript-ish read out from the interview the FAN960 guys did with Darryl Sutter, Hayley at M&G (in the comments) does as good a job as any. The audio is up on the FAN's website, we imagine, so you can also check that out.

Let us tell you guys what we noticed about the interview. In no particular order, these are some of the things we think are discussion worthy:

Uhh, so the 3000 pound elephant in the room this season were the supposed locker room issues that the Flames had. Not one question by Kerr or Boomer about that. Way to earn that paycheque, journalists.

Actually, that isn't 100% true. Boomer tried to ask Sutter about it by asking him about the trades, and whether he would still do them today. Sutter responded by saying if he had his time machine, he would have traded them earlier. We don't know if earlier means earlier in the year, like in the summer, or earlier in the year after the season had started. But he did say he would have got them (Dion and Joker) out of the locker room earlier. So much for the 'there is no cancer' argument. There was clearly a cancer, in fact, there was two tumors.

According to Darryl, if you think Kotalik isn't a good player, then you are a complete idiot. Kotalik lead the team in hits during his time here. We have no idea if that is true or not, but we will say this: When you play on a line with Langkow and Higgins, one that is expected to be fed to the dogs, that is, check another teams scoring line, then yeah, you bloody well better throw your 220 pound frame around and hit people. You fucking better lead the team in hitting. Do you get dap for doing your job? On the Country Club Flames, the answer is yes, yes you do.

Again, Boomer tried to challenge him a little on the Kotalik move by saying that softer Europeans don't fit Darryl's mold (which is true, Sutter prefers softer Canadian players, like Tangs and Cammo). Darryl responded that Kotalik does fit his mold. We were shocked that Kerr and Boomer didn't gag to death from the amount of bullshit contained in that statement.

The greatest player to ever put on a Flames jersey that isn't named Nystrom still has not been given medical clearance to play. Kinda implies he is a slow healer, no? That is exactly the kind of player we want to see play next to an increasingly fragile Langkow.

If it's him or Nystrom, we would take Higgins (Robert Cleave just had a heart attack). Hopefully those aren't the only choices.

This was one of the better parts of interview, actually, if you were paying attention. At the start of his interview, Darryl makes the claim that he has been in hockey for 31 years and knows what he is doing. When asked about the assistant GM he 'wants' (is being forced) too hire, Sutter then goes on to list the requirements: NHL experience. Cool, that fits the narrative. But the very next sentence out of Sutter's mouth is about how the assistant GM can't have NHL experience from decades ago (you know, like one Darryl Sutter) because they need to be able to relate to today's young players.

We will let that statement just rattle around your head for a little bit.

Anyways, it sounds very much like Darryl is interested in hiring someone Darryl can control. The checks and balances remain broken. Nero is in the house.

Oh yeah, he also threw the current assistant GM, Michael Holditch, under the bus, continuing the now familiar pattern of it being everyone else's fault but Darryl's.

As you all know, the buck stops with...well, anybody but Darryl. What a tough guy.

Sutter actually said this out loud. There you go, fans. The guy who runs the team thinks not making the playoffs is a good thing, because it will provide an opportunity for both the players (which Sutter, to his credit, called out for being unprofessional and too country club) and the coaching staff to grow, and learn, and become better people, and adopt puppies.

I wonder if the owners of this team are thrilled Darryl flushed $55 million dollars down the toilet so that his brother and his staff could gain some NHL experience. Hey, the idiot owners deserve it, they are the guys who keep Darryl on the payroll.

Darryl made the laughable claim that he had 4 picks in the top 100, and that was a good amount. Of course, neither Kerr or Boomer challenged him on it, but that statement is fucking stupid. We do not pick in the first two rounds. We can't pick for the first 60 of those 100 picks. We have 4 picks in the bottom 40 of the top 100.

Wait a second here, gang. That seems to us to be a lie. According to this, the Flames have only 2 picks in the top 100. They have the 64th pick and the 73rd pick, both in the 3rd round. There next pick is the 103rd. That's 2 picks in the top 100, not 4. Our GM either lied to the radio guys, who didn't pick it up, or he doesn't know where we draft. That inspires confidence.

In case you were wondering, we have picks 64, 73, 103, 108, 133, 163, 193. We think one of those 3rd rounders could be going to Edmonton thanks to the Staios deal, which would leave us with 1 pick in the top 100. Which, notwithstanding Darryl Sutter thinking you are stupid, is not very good.

Darryl made some stupid claim about how it was impossible to have 4 highly paid defencemen on the team, but that you could have 3. Not to get too philosophical, but that just isn't true. You could have 6 highly paid defencemen on the team if you were getting production out of cheap forwards. It's called cap management, and it can be done in any number of ways. Whatever. Getting back to Darryl's point: If we can't have 4 highly paid defencemen on the team, why do we?

Staios, Regehr, Bouwmeester, and Sarich, together, all cost 17 million dollars in cap. We know Darryl can't add, so we will do it for him. 1, 2, 3, and yup, that is 4 highly paid defencemen on the team. Which is a sure sign of failure, according to Darryl, the guy who signed all those guys.

Why are people defending this guy?

First off, even though it was leaked a few weeks ago that the cap would be going up roughly 2 million dollars, Darryl claims to not know what the cap is going to be at next year. Again, Kerr and Boomer are tougher than we are, because we would have died because we can't breath in a cloud of bullshit.

Anyways...Kerr asked him about the need to make cap room for next year. Did you know the 10th place Calgary Flames, who lost 9 games in a row, are in fact the worlds greatest hockey team ever and no tweaking needs to be done?

Well, ok, we will be fair. Darryl only half said that. He claimed the team was a good one, on paper (fuck, where have we heard that before). He also said that the attitude of the players during the 9 game losing streak wasn't good, and that if he could improve the team, he would.

Which would have been a perfect time for Kerr and Boomer to ask him about trading for Spezza. Which they didn't, of course.

Kerr and Boomer are scared of Darryl Sutter. Throughout the interview, Darryl's cellphone was creating interference with the audio equipment. Normally, an interviewer will ask the interviewee to kindly turn their cellphone off for the duration of the interview. This request was not made. Why wasn't it made? Honestly, we are asking, because the only reason we can think of was that those two are very intimidated by Sutter. Keep speaking 'truth to power', boys.

Also, Darryl is never responsible for anything bad that happens to the Flames, but he is directly responsible for anything good that happens with the Flames. We are pretty sure this is impossible, as one cannot have ones cake and eat it too. But hey, nevermind. Sutter is a hockey god, dontcha know?

Really, there is more shit to pick at in the interview, like the fact Darryl somehow looked at the numbers and came away with us being in the top 10 teams in the league when it comes to goal scoring. Listen to the interview if you don't believe us. The man is officially insane.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Wow DB, alot of hate. Sutter proved today he's a dumb hick, & needs to go before he does more damage. P.Lou continues to suck. White, Backlund, Hag/Kot for Speeza?

  2. Wow, if there was interference with the audio equipment, then Rogers is even cheaper then I think. Our mics @ 1060 are like 300 dollars a pop, which is relatively cheap, and they filter out the frequencies above and below human speaking range.

  3. 1060 AM is the best radio in the city. Keep bringing that country gold!

  4. There $300 a pop b/c Jimmy Hughes does work with shit!

  5. Yeah, Jimmy is a classy dude. He's like the human equivlant of Johnny Walker Blue.

  6. coupla things:

    this is not the first time D-sutts has effed up when speaking about draft order. at the fan forum thingy he talked about dion being a tenth overall pick, when he was (infact) ninth. i'm starting to think, to be quite honest, that daz has no fucking clue about anything draft-related whatsoever (unless it's being poured by a bartender). even then, probably not much. pretty sure he leaves everything in tod button's control and just turns up on draft day with a hangover and an attitude. ps: why have you never called out tod button for forgetting the second D on his own name ???

    did you see how i chucked in a "to be quite honest" up there ? not sure if you noticed, but i do wonder what the count was during the interview. my guess is that D-sutts threw it in on average about once every 3.8 minutes. this may be generous. it could be once every 2.1 or so.

    my best guess is that he's gearing up to deal sarich. jaybouw is untouchable and he's always had the biggest hard-on in history for regehr. and if staios is in the top four on opening night, i'll eat my hat. or yours. or anybody else's.


  7. HAHA!

    Invisible, you had some great lines in there.

    "daz has no fucking clue about anything draft-related whatsoever (unless it's being poured by a bartender)."

    "to be quite honest" very cerebral.

    And Tod Button name smack! Get on it AZR!

  8. Gotta agree with Anonymous, WI, there was some funny stuff in there.

    Hopefully nobody reads it so I can steal the Tod Button smack and it will still look original :)

    Speaking of scouting...did you notice that Rhett is a scout for the Flames? So our scouts are Sutters brothers and his boys. To get a job in this organization, I'm pretty sure all you have to be is a Sutter drinking buddy. It's a crazy way to run things.

  9. i need a job. i think i will legally change my name to sutter s. sutter to improve my odds.

    the tod button lead is all yours. i won't even be offended. mostly cause i steal shit from mikeH all the time (like the sutter s. sutter joke above, for instance).

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