Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did You Catch This Too

Just a shorty today. Swamped.

We know this is a bit late to be talking about Dion Phaneuf, but we have been a little busy. So please, Domebeer-aholics, excuse us. But something happened in the press conference, or in the scrum right after it, that we have to talk about.

When asked about who he 'learned' 'leadership' from, who his 'captain' 'mentors' were, the special needs kid who could responded with: Bryan Marchment, and Tony Amonte.

Umm, what the fuck?

Look, we are dealing with hockey players here, so this next statement is pretty redundant, but we will make it anyways: Marchment and Amonte were drunks (and water is wet).

There it is, right there. A guy who got exiled from this City because of (insert rumour here) holds up as his examples in leadership a rat player like Marchment and a drunk in Amonte. Dion, a guy with a reputation as a party first team second guy holds up as his mentors a couple of drunks?

Honestly, it is stunning. Were did these names come from? Are they the only players on the team that hung out with him in his tenure here? Is babysitting a spoiled brat around Cow Town leadership?

Well, in Dion's world, leadership is a 2 minute keg-stand, so the answer is a resounding "Fuck yes!"

Honestly, Dion is known for saying and doing stupid shit, so we shouldn't be surprised. And his own teammate, Conroy, made it pretty clear that Dion is a little girl when he said that Dion reads everything written about him in the media and then pouts about it. So yeah, we shouldn't be shocked that this immature child would hold up a couple of drinking buddies as 'role models', and at the same time take a run at the veterans in the Flames dressing room.

Look, we know Dion doesn't like Jarome and Reggie. We get that. From his playing style, we can also assume he hates Kipper. But if you were on a team that had Iggy and Robyn in the dressing room, and somebody asks you about some of the leaders you have had around you in your hockey career, and you site 2 months or less of Marchment and 2 years of a broken Amonte, it comes off as 'angry ex-girlfriend-ish'.

Anyways, we just had to say that. Good job Leafs, your new captain is a vindictive 12 year old, with a broken heart. Wonderful choice. Enjoy!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. 


  1. How do u know that amonte and Marchment were drunks?

  2. Mush drank Milskey with Sutter. True story.

  3. I don't care if Amonte was President of the World, and Marchement was Messier; If you were a Flame in the last 10 years and don't site Iggy and Reggie as leadership influences then you are as dumb as... Dion.

  4. True dat beeker

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