Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Domebeer-aholics, we try not to pick favourites. We are like your parents in that way.

But we do very much appreciate the 5 Domebeer-aholics down in Miami who, according to the google analytics, read us everyday. Kudos to you gentlemen.

Unfortunately, this post will not concern you guys in the least. You can get pack to chasing tourist skirt.

Domebeers was asked to participate in the FiveholeForFood charity event (JULY 5TH, Eau Claire Market). It purports to support the Calgary Interfaith Foodbank. If you want to participate, the information is on the website. It is a street hockey tourney, but we do not know if people are allowed to form teams and play. We will email the guy and ask. If not, and only certian people are allowed to participate, and Domebeers gets a spot, if we do not use it, we will give it up to a team of Domebeer-aholics. How's that?

Talked to the guy who is running the thing, and he told us that everybody is welcome to come down and play. You need to bring a hockey stick and donate some food to get into the game. The theme of the game is Canucks vs Flames, so if you are going to participate on the Flames side, make sure you get your tetanus shot.

You could also just go to the Foodbank and drop off food there, you know, just because. Not that the male readership of this site needs to be reminded, but the ladies respond to a man that has a heart.

Altruism? Whatever. That's a good reason to do it too, we guess. We like the acquisition of ladies phone numbers as a reason a little bit better, but to each his own.

Now we are assuming these are good charities that don't eat up 80% of the donations in 'administration fees'. Unlike, you know, some others (and yes, that was a shot at the Oilers).

You know what? We do not mind breaking the 'no-ads' rule for charities. If you run a charity and you want some dap on Domebeers, just send us an email.

With that said, we took a look at other events in June. There is one. We will begin pimping in 3,2,1:

Safeway Fathers Day Walk

It's raising funds for the fight against prostate cancer. It is on SUNDAY JUNE 20TH at Eau Claire Market. Another good cause that the chicks dig.

That is it for charities. We will throw in a free Big Brothers And Big Sisters pimp job. Again, when you are on a first date, this stuff looks great on your resume.

To conclude:



Domebeers, you twitter? Yeah, under Domebeers, actually. You should follow.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Dude, is that angry guy from the vancouver dis going to be there?

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