Monday, June 7, 2010

Boomers Rumours

So we got some emails over the weekend. "What do you guys think of Boomer?"

What do we think of Boomer? Why? Did he plug us on the radio?

Well, no, no he didn't. It turns out that Boomer 'tweeted' about a 'trade rumor (SIC)' that was 'not confirmed', but, although it being 'not confirmed' was still 'a done deal'. We were also told that the move was 'not the blockbuster variety'.

But wait, there is more.

About two hours later, Boomer informs the world, again via the twitter, that he has talked to the player involved in the rumoured trade, and that said player is unawares about any such moves, so it is probably a 'false alarm'.

And just like that, Boomer runs with a rumour his cat told him, only to be burned on it two hours later. For a guy who likes to act like bloggers like us are scum because we do not have the checks and balances Boomer and his cat, err, source, have when it comes to releasing information and rumours, this must have been a very humbling experience.

How many stories has Boomer broken over the years? Any? Because it looks to us that he got wind of a story, popped a boner (I can break this!), and went all in with it. He is just lucky this didn't happen on the radio, and he can go on and pretend it didn't happen.

What, you think Rob Kerr is going to ask Boomer about this on the radio show? Why would he do that? Why would the fans need to be informed?

Boomer commits a party foul by running with a trade rumour. Bad Boomer. But that is largely surface stuff. Honestly, we aren't even that annoyed by it. We think it is funny that the guy who gets on bloggers on the radio got caught acting like a neophyte blogger with his first story. But besides that little bit of schadenfreude, we can't get that worked up about it. At least he was trying to break Flames news.

But...there are layers here, besides Boomers premature rumour ejaculation. Let's start peeling.

Number One: Sutter is making deals, and no assistant GM has been hired. Hell, the fact that it has been a week or two since the announcement was made that Sutter would be getting a babysitter and no babysitter has arrived probably speaks volumes as to what type of power the new hire would wield. Sutter as Diocletian is probably dead. We are back to Sutter as Nero.

Number Two: We think, based on the timeline, that the player traded did not have a NTC or a NMC in his contract. This is just speculation, and we could very well be wrong, but we think the player did not have a NTC or a NMC because of the wording of Boomers tweets. 'Not a blockbuster deal' is what we are using as evidence in our argument. Although, yes, we know: What the hell does 'blockbuster; mean?

Moving a NTC/NMC guy would qualify as a blockbuster trade, we think. The people on this team with NTC/NMC are: Iginla, Langkow, Stajan, Bourque, Kotalik, Bouwmeester, Regehr, and Kiprusoff. All of this information is from Moving any of those contracts would be a blockbuster, so we think we can safely assume the rumour did not involve those players.

So who is left? Hagman, Moss, Glencross, Dawes, Sarich, Staios, Giordano, Pardy, and Backlund (White is RFA, so it wasn't him, so why put him on the list?). Do any of these guys fit into the 'blockbuster' category? This is where peoples definitions of 'blockbuster' get in the way. Gio and Backlund getting moved would be 'blockbusters'. But to us, trading Sarich, Staios, or Hagman would also qualify as 'blockbuster', at least for the Flames. Moving Glencross would not qualify as 'blockbuster' to the outside world, but would be a pretty big shakeup in Flames land, as he is an NHL forward we pay 1.2 million dollars for. Hell, when you think about it, it probably was Glencross. Sutter saw a contract on the books that provides value and started throwing up all over himself.

Anyways...we think that would leave Moss, Dawes, and Pardy. We like Dawes and Pardy, mainly because they are dirt cheap, and we hate Moss, mainly because he stole money last year, and refuses to play as a big man consistently. But, looking at this thing rationally, we don't think the Flames are in a position to be jettisoning forwards that cost a million dollars, especially when we don't really have anybody from the farm that could fill that roster spot. We do think there are a lot of D-men down on the farm.

Adam Pardy for a 3rd rounder or later? That would be our best guess. We have also heard that most of the Flames are not in the city, and that the one that is in the city happens to be Domebeers favourite Corey Sarich.

For Boomers sake, we hope it wasn't Sarich. Could you imagine Boomer calling Sarich up and going 'Hey dude, you have been traded, what do you think?'

Because we know what Sarich would say:

Give up the name, Boomer.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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