Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Hours Of Conroy

Craig Conroy was on the Fan 960 today, and because I am at work I got to listen. Fun times.

Transcript? Fuck you, I don't work as a teletyper. I got notes. Here are a few, in some semblance of order:

On Cam: Conroy said Cam would have stayed for $5 million a year over 5 years ($25 million). If this is true, Darryl can choke on his own silver tongue.

On The Locker Room: Conroy said that there was not a locker room issue. I know, I know, that was a lie. How do I know? Because he went on to say that Reggie and Dion had issues. Whatever. Conroy also said there was no issue between him and Dion, or between Jarome and Dion. Who knows. Conroy also went on to say that the locker room was the best at the end of the year, which would mean after Dion and Joker were traded. He also said Joker was not a locker room issue.

On Dion: Conroy said the issue was with Reggie and Dion. He also said Jarome and Dion did not fight. He said Dion was asked to improve his defence, and management didn't see any improvement and he didn't finish the sentence. He also said Dion was moved because he was the only guy who could get a return and didn't have a no trade, and he was also too expensive. He also said Dion was a loner, as in he was not a huge team guy. He also said Dion read the papers, and took all the criticism personally. He also says that on the day Dion was traded, the first three people at the Dome were Ken King, Darryl Sutter, and Jarome.

On Jarome: Conroy says Iggy isn't going anywhere.

On Missing The Playoffs: Says it might be good for the team, because it will wake them up to the fact that they have to work hard every game. He went on to say that the team can't take nights off, which implies they did, but you knew that, because you watched them play this year.

On The Flames: He says the team only needs 3 goals a game and they will win every game. He also says that it is tough to score when you trail the opposition all the time. He said the team, in his opinion, needs to be tweaked but not blown up. Says the team never recovered from losing Cam and Berts goals.

On The Changes: He said that it didn't help that the team brought in 6 new guys. It took time to gel. He said J Blow is a defenceman and shouldn't be looked to for scoring. Says this city put a lot of pressure on the new guys, whatever that means.

On Conroy: Says he was injured for the majority of this year. Yeah, go with that. He also said he should win the Selke this year, but I'm pretty sure you can only win awards you're nominated for.

On The Coach: Conroy claimed the coach wanted the players to take risks and make plays and score goals. He implied that talent, not coaching or the system, was the cause of the lack of goal scoring. He also claims to know Jim Edmonds (puke).

On The Dome: Conroy agrees with Domebeers on this one. The Dome atmosphere sucks, and the people running it need to make it a fun experience for the fans. He pointed out that baseball games are a fun fan experience and the Dome should try to replicate that. He suggested that the Flames should adopt an annoying song to play after goals (anything by Dwight Yokem) and a Cub-esque win song (Hey Chicago what do you say? Cubs are going to win today!).

On Loubardias: Conroy didn't say he should be fired, but we all know he wants him gone.

On Ken Thrower: He says he is bald and annoying. Oh wait, that's what I said. Sorry, Craig.

I missed the last hour of the conversation, so if I missed something, post it in the comments.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.