Friday, May 14, 2010

Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

It's Friday, and that means one thing: time to break out the quaaludes.

What? Shit, that's right. It is also time to present this weeks winner of the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award (The RTPIC!).

As always, this week was crazy, and provided this space with a lot of potential nominees. The EU took my advice, and did not go cheap on the Greek bailout. Hurray? Probably not. Bailing out bankrupt welfare states only means that we ensure the continued existence of bankrupt welfare states, which isn't good for anyone. On the other hand, LIBOR rates stay below 0.5%, which is good for everyone. Not that you would be coming to us for investment advice, but the future market has the LIBOR priced at 0.7%. In English, this means that the major players feel that there is more risk 'out there', which isn't good. As an aside, many hedge funds are shorting the banks, which tells you all you need to know about how they feel the economy is going to do. If your invested 'long', be cautious. More news from the 'Children Run The World' file? Sure. The British elections were held, and a party that believes in rainbows and unicorns for all managed to cause a split (minority) parliament for the first time in about 40 years. Rock on, Clegg.  Back on this side of the pond, we had some less eggheady news go down. A newspaper salesman managed to save the city of New York from a crazy Islamic terrorist. That is like the 4th attempted attack on America since Obama took over. We aingt saying, we're just saying. Also, Thailands burning. We don't really know enough about the situation to cheer for one side over the other, so we will cheer for injuries. Speaking of injuries, a school teacher in America decided to open up a can of whoop ass on some fat annoying kid. Of all the links in this paragraph, this is the one worth clicking. The link shows the video. Yes, we said video, as in the teacher was so full of rage at the kid that she didn't care her beat down was being recorded. Bravo. As always, the choice was a tough one.

This weeks winner of the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award: Mike Cammalleri.

14 Games Played, 12 Goals, 6 Assists. Oh yeah, and the scalps of Sid the Kid and Ovie. Scoreboard.

MC is a contentious issue around the 'domesphere. A lot of the discussion can be found here.

Our take? Cammo is currently sporting a 25% shooting percentage. People have pointed out that this is a crazy high number and isn't sustainable and blah blah blah. Well, that got us thinking. Where would a 25% shooting percentage in the playoffs rank, historically? According to these fine gentlemen, it would rank Cammo 81st. Actually, it would tie Cammo at 81st with about 28 other guys. Extraordinary efforts seem to be quite common in the playoffs.

Domebeers, that is a duck. The question is whether or not it was wise to let him go. Fine, we will answer that, too. GM's don't get to operate with the benefit of a time machine. Darryl Sutter went out and got Al Tangs, and all Tangs does is bitch and moan about having to kill penalties. Regardless as to whether or not Tangs is (actually, if you look at his numbers, its was) a good player or not, the reality is he wanted out of Calgary, demanded a trade, and Sutter's hands were tied. And we are glad. To win, you need men on your team, not babies, not whiners. Tangs was a whining baby, and you can't go to war with players like that. Sutter then trades Tangs and acquires, through another trade, Cammo. All Cammo does is go PPG until the playoffs hit. Cammo is then a FA, and he leaves the Flames for Montreal, largely because the Flames never offered him a contract. Sutter then goes out and replaces Cammo with...nobody. Sure, you can say Joker replaced Cammo, or Bourque did, but that would be wrong. Bourque was aquired for a 2nd round pick to bolster a forward core that included Cammo. Joker was essentially replacing Lombo's spot in the roster, not Cammo's. J Blow then? We don't really buy that either. You could have J Blow, Joker, and Cammo. You probably don't have some other players (Reggie) on this team if that's the case, but it wouldn't have been impossible.

But if we do roll with the notion that GM Sutter had a vision for the team, then we assume his vision was for a crash and bang, puck chasing team, and Cammo simply didn't fit that vision as well as a 6'2 centre, or a 6'4 defenceman who can skate like a forward.

On paper, then, it is obvious why Sutter let the guy go. Reality is something different, however, because, as we saw, Sutter then goes out and trades a 6 foot whatever D-man in Dion for a 5'2 smurf in White. What happened to too small, Darryl?

And reality also showed that this team lacked scoring. Cammo provides goals. They may come in soft minutes, but if you ask us, we would want our best players playing against the other teams worst. If a coach gets that matchup in football, people call the guy a genius. You play a guy in a situation where he can succeed in hockey, and apparently, the coach is feeding a guy soft minutes. Whatever.

Was it a mistake to let Cammo go? Debatable. Was it a mistake to not replace Cammo's 39 goals? Obviously. Was it a mistake for Darryl to assume a 100 point season out of Iginla when he took away one of the players who had chemistry with the Captain? Yes sir.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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