Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Thoughts

People, this is fucking retarded.

Domebeers tradition: 1, 2, 3, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

We think Darryl should have been fired. Obviously.

Why? In one sentence, because the team has regressed under Sutter. You know who else probably thinks Sutter should be fired? Darryl Sutter. Know how we know? Ales Kotalik plays on this team.

The man clearly fucking panicked this year. In a bid to keep his job, he traded the Flames best player, Brandon Prust, for the worst player in the league not named Chris Drury. Oh yeah, he also got rid of a locker room diva, which we thank him for, only he replaced that 'My New Haircut' douchebag for all the losers on the Maple Leafs. You know, for depth, for the long playoff run the Flames went on.

We have said it once, and we will say it again: Darryl would have fired Darryl.

But fact is better than fiction. Nothing we could write about this organization would be funnier than the fact that they just decided not to fire a guy who doesn't understand addition.

Murray Edwards is sort of famous in the world of accounting and finance because when he was in school, he used to enter and win competitions that tried to judge the participants abilities to allocate resources.

Let us say that again: Murray Edwards, the guy who owns the Flames, is a genius when it comes to resource allocation. Murray Edwards just decided not to fire a GM who undeniable does not know how to allocate resources efficiently. Clearly, there is a disconnect. Murray Edwards clearly doesn't know shit about shit when it comes to the team that he owns. That inspires confidence.

Look, normally we wouldn't even mind hands off ownership. Throughout the history of this organization, we have had hands off ownership. But we do have a problem with hands off ownership when it hurts the team. And allowing some hick who should probably be ranching to run the team into the ground hurts the team.

Look, we don't hate Darryl Sutter. We think he was one of the best coaches that this team ever had. We just think that it is pretty clear he isn't the great GM that Ken King likes to pretend he is. Sure, he makes a lot of deals. Awesome. So does Glen Sather.

Getting screwed in deals with other teams is not our idea of a great GM. We know the media loves it, because it gives them something to talk about, but we would rather not trade cheap, NHL calibre players, like Lombardi, and first round draft picks for...Ales Kotalik. And his contract.

But we want to be honest. Our most furious anger (bible reference) is reserved for the organizations shill, Ken King. We like Ken King, we respect Ken King, we just don't like eating the bullshit that Ken King keeps shoveling down our throats.

Kenneth said some shit today that we find completely fucking ridiculous. He said that the organization valued continuity. Bullshit. Darryl Sutter, Jim Playfair, Mike Keenan, and Brent Sutter. That is what, since 2003, 4 coaches? 4 coaches in 6 years is stability? Fuck off, Mr King.

Ken King also said that he wanted to end the 'death watch' that was surrounding this organization. You know why there was a 'death watch'? Because any NHL executive with a brain was wondering when the Flames were going to fire Sutter!

Are we in bizarro world here people? What the fuck is going on? How can a GM who acted like a Lohan without a crack pipe keep his fucking job? This isn't a rec league team, the Flames play in the NHL, and are a multimillion dollar organization. It requires competent management. We have a guy in charge who wasn't even able to ice a full roster by the end of the season after last. He should have been fired then, for fucks sake.

Honestly, what the fuck is it going to take? Sutter had a plan. He executed that plan. He got Dion. He got Olli. He had a scoring winger in Cammo. He even managed to add a Rene Bourque to a forward core that included Jarome and Langkow. AND IT DIDN'T WORK.

So we let this guy have another shot? Why? Because he traded for Kipper half a decade ago?

The word is that Caesar Sutter asked for help at the beginning of the year. The year begins in January, which would mean, if it is true, that Darryl Sutter asked for more help and that the organization chose not to give it to him, as the Flames still don't have an assistant GM who knows hockey (the current assistant GM probably doesn't own a pair of skates). Does that one pass the smell test for anybody?

We are floored. GM Sutter is good enough to keep his job, we just feel the need to get him a babysitter. It makes no sense, no sense at all.

And now this organization is going to be stuck with a power struggle. Mazel tuv.

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Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. can we call this black thursday ? i'd like to. cause i feel more and more like a leaf fan everyday ---i'm embarassed to tell people i'm a flames fan and i know it's only getting worse.

    i'm done my job, btw, which means there will be posts once again over at mine. swing by sometime.

  2. It is times like this I'm glad I like the Oil. Funny how the flames brass sends the season ticket holders a collection of bobbleheads and they think all is well in the world. Another playoff miss and we'll start seeing empty seats here pretty quick. Unfortunately the typical game attendee here is pretty fickle.

  3. What I didn't like was his easy choice comment. The easy choice is to keep Sutter. Firing Sutter and then finding another GM, gutting and rebuilding the scouting department, getting rid of of the overpaid and inneffective players through trades or buy outs, that would have been the hard thing to do, which is why they didn't do it.