Monday, May 31, 2010

Let Us Into Your Skin

Domebeer-aholics, we have excellent news.

What is it, Domebeers? Have you finally written a post with content? It has only been, what, like a week?

Fuck off, asshole. No, no, we have even better news than that. Ladies and gentlemen, we are winning.

Winning, Domebeers? What exactly are you winning?

Life, motherfucker. But let's drill down into the data a little bit, and get to goose. Today, on the Fan960, Domebeer favourite and all around awful announcer, Peter Loubardias, took to the airwaves in an attempt to coax a mass suicide movement from the listeners. We took the brave and unheralded move to keep listening, and what we heard was profound, earth-shaking, and profoundly earth-shaking.

Guess who sits around all day putting his name into the google box? That's right, one Peter Loubardias. Guess what comes up when you put Peter Loubardias into the google box? That's right,

Peter Loubardias has seen And guess what? He doesn't like it.

Peter Loubardias was talking about the pressures that Canadian players have when they play in a Canadian market. From this, he took the tangent and started talking about the pressures of one Peter Loubardias has broadcasting in a Canadian market. The pressure would be us,, and the legion of like minded Domebeer-aholics, who don't want a hokey play by play guy ruining their enjoyment of a Flames TV broadcast (the Flames do a fine job of that themselves, and don't need your help, Loubardias, thank you very much).

He has read us. And we are getting under his skin. So much so that he brought it up on the radio.

We are winning. Keep up the fight. We can get major league level talent into our broadcast booth.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Good work. Don't forget this important link:

    Sportsnet Contact Page

    Just in case anyone wanted to take it upon themselves to pepper their e-mail inbox with complaints. I'm not telling people what they should write, but a good template starts with, "How the hell does this guy still have a job?" and ends with "Furthermore...".

  2. He hears the footsteps Domebeers. He doesn't want to stay on the tracks with the train-a comin'.

    I've hated him since he was a fat douche doing Sportsline in Saskatoon with the fabulous and talented Leah Runnels.

  3. when the organ player from the dome commented on hitthepost and said he was gonna play the swedish chef (for bourque, naturally), i felt like i'd won.

    this would, presumeably, be the same kinda feeling.

    congrats !


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