Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Domebeer-aholics, do you know what life on Wall Street is like?

Weird question, you say? Not really. The answer is "brutish, nasty, and short." (Hobbes sucks, by the way. If your reading Leviathan, put the book down, fascist, and read Locke).

The firms on Wall Street exist for one reason: to make money. Making money is the singular and total focus of the Street. How do they ensure that they make money? The people running the firms are ruthless.

If you make a trade on Wall Street, and it makes money, you are a hero. If that hero goes on to lose money on a trade, even if it is the next day, that hero wears the goat horns. Make two money losing trades? That hero finds himself (or herself, Domebeers loves women) in the unemployment line. That hero is done, and might never be able to find a job on Wall Street proper again.

Life on the Street (in theory, at least, you don't want to get us started on corporate welfare and political/financial incest known as 'bailouts') is life on Darwin's Island: survival of the fittest. And it should be that way. If these guys fuck up, you might lose your mortgage. It's high stakes stuff, and you want the best people doing it. Not only do you want the best people doing it, but you want the best people to have their asses on the line, so you get their best efforts, all of the time.

Do you know where we are going with this?

Darryl Sutter and his status as Flames GM, obviously. Dude finds himself quite the topic of interest, and for good reason. When a GM lives by the motto of 'compete for the Cup every year' and does not make the playoffs, questions will be raised. The question we would like to raise is this: Are the Calgary Flames committed to winning?

It seems an odd question, but it isn't. As we stated above, the organizations that operate on Wall Street are in the game of winning (making money). When their players (employees) don't perform, there are consequences (their asses get fired). What does Wall Street, which has 'won' more than any other industry on Earth, know about winning? They know that accountability breeds results.

And the thing about results, in a result oriented business, is that they are measurable. Darryl Sutter, come on down.

The Regular Season:

The averages: 44 wins, 30 losses, 8 overtime losses. 96 points. Now, before you scream 'Sutter has made us an 8th place team and fuck that guy' remember where we were before Sutter arrived on the scene (for the bandwagoners, that would be a consistent 75 point team). Adding 20 points to the team is quite an accomplishment, and Kipper, err, Darryl, should be commended for it.

But 96 points is an 8th place team. It also implies that it is a more flawed team than most of other contemporary so called perennial Stanley Cup contenders, namely Detroit and San Jose (no team is flawless, unless we are talking about the 1958 - 59 Montreal Canadiens). Darwin's not super impressed.

We don't feel we need to show Darryl's playoff record. You all should know it: Historic and improbable run to the Cup finals in 04, first round exists ever since, until this year, when Darryl panicked, added payroll at the trade deadline, and promptly missed the playoffs. Darwin's sharpening the guillotine.

More stats? Why not.

So, as you can see, the trend isn't great. Is that on the GM? He is the one building the team, and he is the one hiring (and then firing) the coaches who are supposed to implement his vision of the team.

Besides wasting ownerships money on old, broken players (Nolan? For reals?)  and hiring and firing coaches at will, what else is a GM suppose to do? Well, Domebeer-aholics, a GM is suppose to draft (well) and develop talent. Why? Because free agents are expensive, and you have to overpay to get them (see: J - Blow), and in a salary capped league, the ability to develop and use talent while it is still cheap is an essential quality for any GM with visions of a Cup. Darryl, please re-read that paragraph.

Well then, let us take a quick peek at the situation: Dion, Pardy, Boyd, Prust, and Backlund are Darryl's picks that have made the team. 3 of those 5 aren't with the team. Famously, Prust was traded for herpes. It would be hard to call any of those guys world class, unless of course Dion is playing easy minutes against lesser competition, in which case a retarded hockey world would nominate him for the Norris. But really, Darryl seems to miss more than he hits, which isn't great, considering he tends to trade draft picks, which makes hitting on the few he has pretty much a must.

Not to kick a dead horse, but you all remember last year, right? When Darryl mangled the cap space on this team so badly that the Flames were not able to ice a full roster? Yeah. we'd keep THAT guy!

We began by talking about Wall Street, and their '2 strikes and your dead' mentality. Well, Darryl has a few more than two strikes against him. We feel that Darryl took the team to a certain level, and thank him for that. But we also would like to win a Stanley Cup again. Darryl, and his ability to improve the team, seems to have plateaued. This organization should thank Darryl for what he has done, but we do not owe Darryl Sutter anything. He couldn't get the job done. We feel it is time for the organization to look for people who can.

Namely, Lanny McDonald.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.