Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 More Years

We would like to put forward the following observation: when it pertains to hockey, the empiricism based, stat-guy argument is that the Hockey Gods exist.

Which of course, they do, but we still find that ironic as hell.

(If that little piece of prose can't get us into the National Posts quote section, we don't know what will)

Ok. Let's get to what we came to do. As I'm writing this, Sacramento just got screwed in the draft lottery. Fucking hilarious. Anyways, you could probably tell by the headline, we take the opposite view of Domebeer-aholic Kent Wilson.

Why? I mean, he even had a chart!:

Well, we got charts too:

Chart Fight!

We bolded all the stats Kipper was better in. You will notice his name is bolded too, which is pretty fucking impressive.

Our opinion? Excellence is hard, and it is hard to be excellent over a long season, especially when you play 73 games because your idiot GM doesn't get you a NHL caliber backup. Yet Kipper finds a way. We think that's because, you know, he is a world class fucking goaltender. In any given situation, when you have one shot at making a save or not making a save, few are better than Kipper. We understand the buy low sell high, but last time we checked, the only guy on the roster holding the window open was Kipper, seeing as the Captain has decided to take the rest of his contract off.

The Flames have Mikka Kiprusoff through the 13/14 hockey season. During those years, his actual salary owed goes down every year (7m, 6m, 5m, 1.5m). Both those things make us happy. Really, if anything, the Flames should trade everybody but Kipper for draft picks, tank it next year for more draft picks, and try to contend for the 12/13, 13/14 seasons.

What? No FJM? Please, we have a little more respect for our fellow Flames fans than that.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Except, of course, that i was taking the last 3 years of work (not a single season) and didn't bother to look at GAA, one of the most useless stats in the world. Also, it's funny you didn't look at his work over 73 games LAST year where was decidedly not excellent. So you're right...it's hard. So hard he's been excllent just once in his last 3 years.

    Here's the issue with the back-up. It's really hard to sign anyone worth a damn when you have an entrenched starter making a ton of cash every year - free agents understand that there's little or no way they'll get a shot at staring unless the dude gets injured. So while I think Sutter has done a shit job of finding capable backups, I have sympathy for him because I'm guessing a lot of agents hang-up on him. In addition, with the team spending a ton of money on the rest of the defense (Kipper included) there isn't a lot of money to spend on the other guy. You either have to develop a guy in house (something the club tried to do with McElhinney) or trade for a guy who has no choice.

    So, granted, the fact that Kipper is durable is a strength. But that issue is moot if you build redundancy at the position by signing a couple of guys. You also limit the risk of injury.

    If Kipper was still the guy he was in 05/06 then, cool...you pay for that level of excellence. But he's not. He's also on the wrong side of 30, the club doesn't have prospects for immediate success going forward and a definite need to free up cap space.

  2. We think that's because, you know, he is a world class fucking goaltender.

    I actually don't fucking know this at all, with any confidence. In fact if anything I'd rather bet on the opposite, that he's not a world class goaltender.

    Nice that you can see beyond what's happening on the ice though. You should manage the Flames, I think it would be enough for me to switch allegiances.

  3. You will notice his name is bolded too, which is pretty fucking impressive.

    statements like this are precisely why people come over here to read your stuff... also because nobody else has shit to write about since the team we love is gonna tank for the next two or three years.

  4. since the team we love is gonna tank for the next two or three years.

    I really doubt it.

  5. Well, in all honesty, I had a ball game to get too and only had the time for the one year look. What I wanted to show was the minutes played. If I have time tonight, which, again, because of ball I probably wont, Ill look over his 3 year, or 5 year, average. That isn't what I wanted to show, however, it was the minutes played.

    Why? Because in the highest leagues, they don't play shitty goaltenders 4000 minutes. I don't care what the numbers are, because we all know hockey isn't a static sport, so static stats are useless. He could have a 750 save percentage, but if he is playing all these minutes, it means either the team doesn't have any one better, or the guy is a good goalie who has a shit team in front of him. Vice versa, if the goalie has great numbers it doesn't mean it is all on him. I think RO makes that argument re: Ryan Miller, and I don't disagree with it.

    But you're telling me that Kipper has slower reflexes than the people on your chart? Your telling me Kipper gets side to side slower than anybody on that chart? Please, it just isn't true. The shit year from Kipper you guys point to is also one where Kipper was coached by Keenan and Marcoux, both guys Kipper had fired. The result? Kipper has a Vezina caliber year. These people are not robots, they are humans, and humans need to be comfortable to perform. When Kipper was comfortable with the coach and his prevent defence system, he delivered.

    Unless it is a complete coincidence that Kippers numbers dipped under Keenan. Which I doubt.

    Yeah, your point on the ability to aquire a back up is probably spot on. I remember at the start of this year there were the rumours we were going to sign, fuck, I forget his name, Labarbra or whatever, and he didn't sign because of playing time. So that is a point. At the same time, there are guys playing in the AHL or some other lesser league who would probably play their guts out if you gave them the shot at 15 - 20 games a year.

    Now, as to your point about trading Kipper for cap space: I mean, we could. But if you have cap space issues not because of Kipper, but because of Staios, Sarich, Reggie, Kotalik, Hagman, Stajan, Iggy, Langkow. If you ask me, Id rather keep the over 30 goaltender and get rid of the over 30 defencemen and forwards. And Stajan, because that guy just plain sucks.

    And while Im here. this team lost a lot of one goal games. If you tweak the forwards, you could probably generate those goals and turn those L's into W's. If you get rid of the Kipper for Dan Ellis and Chris Mason for what, 1.5 million in cap space, who knows? Maybe we lose those games by 2 goals, which isn't something that is as easy to make up.

    Im sorry guys, but I just don't see it. You guys may feel like Kipper is a mortal, but I don't. In a six team league, Kipper would have a job. Ellis and Mason would be driving UPS trucks.

  6. 05-06 - Kipper played well b/c d sutter made the team play d. They had the lowest GA that yr.
    06-07 - We got whooped by Detroit in the play offs, but kipper was saving 50 shots a game against the best team in the world. Kipper saved us from total embarrassment.
    07-08 - SJ went to game 7 that kipper didn't win
    08-09 - Chicago went Chicago on us.

    The moral of the story is lets not fight aboot kipper, HE DOESNT SUCK AS MUCH AS LOUNGO. We must always remember this went discussing the only team member worth respect.

  7. Trade you for Khabby straight up? We'd even take Staios back to sweeten the pot.