Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worst Losses Of The Season

We here at Domebeers find the current discussion about whether or not to fire Darryl a little funny. Why? Well, how many goals did Darryl score this year? Right.

We kinda think the players are responsible for the play on the ice. Brent is a little responsible, we guess, but at the end of the day, if your team is full of no heart, having Scotty fucking Bowman on the bench wouldn't help.

No, this shit season is on the shoulders of the players. If you think the GM is responsible for David Moss scoring 8 goals, we don't know what to tell you. Is the GM also responsible for Bourques career year? We think Bourque is, just as David Moss is responsible for his no show. You can quibble about trades and acquisitions, but at the end of the day, the players are responsible for what happens on the ice.

And what happened on the ice? Not a whole lot. This team stole money most nights, especially at home. The GM put the players on the roster, and the Coach didn't get anything out of them once they got here, but again, the no shows are on the players. Here is a look at the worst losses of the season:

It is what it is. How this team losses to the Wild is beyond us. Actually, it isn't. We think it is pretty clear that this team mailed it in most nights. Can any of you remember a 60 minute effort? The players are skating, and they should be the ones with a rope around their neck. It's nice to see the print guys get brave and ask Darryl a tough question after 4 years, but I would respect them a lot more if they had the balls to go ask a player a tough question. We know, then they won't talk to them.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.