Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Domebeers seems to be developing a little bit of a curse, eh? We pimp the Flames, blah happens. We pimp the Kings, blah appears to be happening. Jonny Quick, do you suck? Do you? Or can we count on you to pull through the adversity and murder the hopes of dreams of ugly jersey nation? By my quick count, Quick was blown out by 5 goals or more 3 times in the regular season. The first time he got lit up, he let in 4 the next game. The second time he got lit up, he let in 1 the next game, and the third time he got lit up he let in 3 the next game. The blow outs were to the Coyotes, the Flames (fuck yeah), and the Sharks, respectively. The 'bounce back' games were against the Sharks, the Oilers, and the Sabres, respectively. Take it for what it is, but it looks like the Kings need a goalie. Kopitar for Kipper? What? You're the rumour monger, you!

You watching the playoffs? Us too. To us, nothing shows the extant to which Darryl has fucked this roster up than seeing the actual Stanley Cup calibre teams. We are nowhere fucking close to winning a Cup, unless the plan is to have Kipper pitch shut outs every night. Plus, you see the way guys are going to war out there, blocking shots with faces and what not? Can you imagine Matt Stajan doing any of that shit?

Look, I think the argument to can his ass is pretty simple. He made all these crazy, desperate trades in a crazy, desperate attempt to make the playoffs. Why would he do that? He must have felt his job was not secure, that if he missed the playoffs and took a step back he was going to get fired. Well, he made those moves, and we didn't make the playoffs. Hell, the country bumpkin even added salary at the trade deadline, and we missed the playoffs. According to Darryl, and his actions, he should then get fired, no?!

Also, if you needed any more reason to off with Darryl's head, why don't you tell us here at Domebeers what the Calgary Flames are?

If you answered soft and inconsistent, you win a pat on the back. Well done.

A Darryl Sutter team, mind you. You remember big bad Darryl Sutter, don't you? The guy who, when he first rolled into town, preached from the very beginning, the importance of having an identity? Of how important it was to be a team that would forecheck, play gritty, play smart, would do the little and things, would hit, and most importantly, was Tough At Home? Yeah, well, it turns out that guy, that same shit talking motherfucker, has been the guy overseeing the slow degeneration of that Flames Warrior Ethos for over half a decade now.

Darryl would fire Darryl. Case closed.

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Futhermore, I think Peter Loubardiash should be fired.