Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Week Ahead

Next week, on

- Player analysis

- Darryl Sutter

- Offseason announcements

- Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

I can't believe they didn't start Vesa.

It has been interesting listening too and reading the media's takes on one Darryl Sutter. Regardless as to the validity of some of their points, which will be discussed another day, the fact that we keep seeing lines that refer to the GM not talking to them, is illuminating, we think. Also, Eric Francis quoting an 'anonymous staffer'? That is what passes for journalism in these parts, nowadays?

Listen, there are ways to quote someone and there are ways to quote someone. When the NYT's quotes a 'senior Administration official' everyone and their dog knows they are referring to one of Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, and depending on the context of the quote, it's pretty fucking easy to know who they are talking about. We can know that the 'senior Administration official' was indeed one of the aforementioned two because of the nature of the information quoted.

'The Sutter's don't talk to each other' and 'Ken King acts as a referee' are statements that are attributed to 'Unnamed Staffer' aka 'Some Guy'. Who could they have come from, if we think they are real? Ken King, or someone in that office. Brent Sutter, or someone in that office. Darryl, or someone in that bar stool, err, office.

2 of the 3 regimes have been here for a while, and we can't remember leaks like this. We don't know if Sutter talked to Playfair. We don't know if Sutter talked to Keenan. Yet we 'know' that Darryl and Brent don't talk? Curious, curious, curious. It kinda looks like there is a Coach out there doing a little 'Cover Your Ass', but that's just us. If it's legit, to begin with, and not hype by Francis or PR by the team.

Our own thoughts on the Flames current regime and players will be coming throughout the coming weeks. Due to life, ect. we don't currently plan to keep updating everyday in the offseason. We may, who knows, but will probably cut it back to 2 or 3 posts a week, given that there is something to talk about.


Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.