Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Numbers

One, two, three: FUCK!

Feel better? We imagine you don't, and won't, until blood has been shed on the streets. Fine, we get that. We are cool with that. We probably even agree with you, maybe, depending on the wind. But we don't want to ruin a good day by shitting on a down team.

So, who do we start not shitting on? Do you want to start with Jarome? Let's start with Jarome. That guy skates in this city, he never gets critiqued. He never answers a question, doesn't do charity, nothing. Guy is a venereal disease.

Now we know Kent and RO and the advanced stats guys are like "Dudes, WTF, where's Qualcomp? Zone Starts? Corsi? GVT? What the fuck are y'all giving us counting stats for?". Which is cool. We will get to the advanced stats when we do a 'The One On...' and this isn't that. 

What we want you to notice is the cap numbers and the PPG. As this is a cap space league, we go by the notion that you have to play to your cap number. Guys below Jarome's 0.8625 PPG? Lecavalier, Gomez, Vanek, Drury, Briere, Smyth, Elias, Cammalleri. Of those, Lacavalier, Gomez, and Vanek and Drury make more than Jarome. So it could be worse.

Did you notice our brand spanking new stat? $/P or Dollar Per Point is our attempt to balance this chart, as we have people who make 10 million through people who make 6, which is a huge range. We get that the salary range scews this number a bit, but we think it is illuminating. It cost the Flames $101,449.30 per point that Jarome scored. The average was $106,160.60, so you could say that the Flames got a slight deal. The worst value was Drury, obviously, at $227,419.40 per point. The most efficient team, Vancouver, spent $57,009.35 per point the uglier twin generated. 

Take it for what you will. Just by looking at the chart, I think it is fair to say that there are minimum numbers Jarome has to reach. 80 points is one of them. 32 Goals for a guy in Jarome's price range isn't that crazy relative the league and what other teams spent, and his assist numbers are not that terrible for his price range. the problem, of course, is the rest of the Flames suck shit covered donkey balls, and Jarome probably needs to outperform his contract for the team to win if he is stuck with his current teammates. Sort of.

Outperform a 7 million dollar contract? Yeah, that is what we said, only there are plenty of caveats to that statement.
That's the chart for 40 goal scorers. We say Jarome needs to outperform his contract, and the numbers show that. If you take Stamkos out, the average is 8 million (7.934). And now for the caveats. We can take another angle on this.

Now that is pretty damning. Obviously, there are a few guys on this list having career years. Burrows, Samuelsson, Jokinen, which, because they don't make that much, pushes average salary down. It would appear that Jarome got paid 7 million dollars and put in a 5 million dollar performance. On a good team, you can live with that, but on a Flame team with nobody on it save Jarome, you can't.

Hey, did you guys notice what we did looking at these numbers? It is easy to be a good GM in this league if you have about 5 players outperform their contracts and all have career years at the same time. Vancouver's GM is a genius. Or lucky.

We actually like Jarome here at Domebeers. We think he is one of the few talented players the Flames have, so this call to trade him is not endorsed here. It isn't Jarome's fault he plays on a line featuring absofuckinglutely nobody else. More numbers.

We are below the average in the stats that count: Goals, Assists, PPG, and +/-. We kinda cheap out on our best 3 forwards (points), spending 14.25 million when the average was 19.02. That difference, roughly 5 million dollars, buys a team a lot of quality. I think it is fair to say that this team spends too much money on its defence, which takes away the money needed to improve the talent level of the forwards. Off the top of our heads, Staios and Sarich are more than that 5 million dollars. Inefficient spending is what is killing this team.

On the topic of inefficient spending, and how good teams don't spend their money on the defence, but rather on the forwards:
We are not too old. We spend too much money in areas we shouldn't. The lack of resources in the forwards is the reason we don't have talented forwards on this team. On top of that, we overspend on the defence, which means we don't have any money to put into the forwards. Again, Sarich and Staios will immediately come to mind, but the Domebeer-aholics know the real cap space eating fuck head is J '0.08+' Blow. And Kotalik. Boy, that guy is one easy motherfucker to hate on.

We think Jarome is the last guy this offence starved team should be trading, and we think the fortunes of this Flame squad has more to do with the disappearance of the supporting cast than the disappearance of the Captain. Or, In other words, we don't have another talented forward on this team not named Jarome. Play a full season, Bourque. An example of underperformance not named Kotalik, Hagman, or Stajan? 8 goals, David Moss? Step your fucking game up, and all that. More on that angle in the coming days and weeks.

Looking at these numbers, it would be hard to argue against the notion that Darryl fucked up. His defence first vision has not worked. Someone should tell the guy, before he gets drunk and surly, that you have to score goals to win hockey games. 

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. This week's RW is a little weak (red shirt). I'm disappointed DB.

  2. She was wearing red, we were going for a red, pro Flames theme. Complaint noted. I will step my game up.

  3. Enjoyable read as usual.

    Solid left winger!!!!! Big cap hit?

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