Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dustin Boyd Cuts Cardboard

"I made a decision...to go with more experience...We just felt that, with this situation on the road, with line matchups and everything like that, it would be good to put Connie back in. It had nothing to do with Back - he's played extremely well. I've been really happy with the way he's played...But an experience thing...and with what Connie could bring to us in the room right now, being on the road, not having last change, we don't want to put Back in situations where he can fail and possibly hurt our team." Quote Brent Sutter.

Obviously, Backlund is a bust and will never make it in the NHL. Drafting him was a terrible fucking mistake. Why his mom didn't go all Spartan on his ass and crack his head open over a rock when he was a sickly child, I can't figure out. I don't understand why we let this cheesedick breath our Albertan air. A waste of fucking biomass, clearly.

Or maybe, Backlund is a 20 year old kid who was called up before he was ready, because we needed bodies. Maybe the Flames shit away all their cushion, and can't afford to let players develop at the expense of wins. Personally, I want him to play because maybe something good will happen, and some team will fall in love and we can trade him for a real player in the offseason.

The undercurrent here, of course, is why did the Flames go out and trade the greatest player to ever put on a pair of skates, Dustin Boyd? Allow me to play Devils advocate for GM Sutter: Dustin Boyd isn't shit. Technically, I think the term is 'easily replaceable', like one of Tigers whores. He is a 10 goal guy, like Dawes or Langkow (oooh snap). I don't mean to shock you, but Boyd was on his way out when we signed Dawes off waivers. And he didn't step his game up, and he got pushed out. Well, that and he is an RFA Sutter has no intention of paying anything more than the half million (roughly) Boyd makes now for someone who isn't a shutdown player, and who can't score goals consistently. What is Boyd, on our team? A fourth liner? If you don't agree with my 'Boyd who?' take, then at least recognize he wasn't going to get the minutes and the ice to blossom into whatever it is you think his suck will turn into.

Toronto, It's like New York without the stuff! Domebeer-aholics, I am charging you with a very important mission while I am away. Doug Kirkwood was a superior morning guy sidekick than Squeaky Brad and Andrew 'where's my pulse?' Walker. Domebeers wants to know why Doug Kirkwood was fired, or quit, or whatever. Hell, this site is fucking awesome, I bet Kirkwood is a Domebeer-aholic. Send me an email with the story. Domebeers would like to get Kirkwood back as the sidekick, because Calgary is sick of filling it's ears with mealworms in the mornings whenever the new guy sidekicks open up their stupid boring mouths.

And no, there is nothing to the story that Boomer ate Kirkwood (FAT!).

Merle Haggard, bitches. I'll miss Kipper shutting out the Red Wings, embarrassing them in the same way as having a 30% unemployment rate would embarrass me.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.