Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panick! Panick Louder!'s not the coach?

Listen folks, that horse shit effort at home is completely unacceptable. Fuck you, Calgary Flames. Every season ticket holder should demand their money back after that vomit.

Assign blame, get out the guillatines, whatever. The coach looks like he is in over his head. Bad hire. The players are not giving their full effort, they aren't even giving half their effort. Teams usually do that when they are trying to get a coach fired. Dions gone. Can't blame him, anymore. Who's fault, but the coach and his staff, is it now?

Do the players suck? It appears that way. Suck is too vince carter a word. The players have no pride, no heart, no compete, no will to win. You show up and do that in front of a crowd that sells out every night at top end prices? They don't respect themselves, the coach, the GM, the owners, or the fans.

Brent Sutter, why the fuck don't the players fear you? Why do the players feel they can throw on the sweater, skate around with no heart in front of the hometown fans, and collect a paycheque? Why have there not been any repercussions for this fucking garbage?

This organization has gone soft. I don't know if you remember it, but back when Keenan was coach, the players stunk it up on their road trip to California (unheard of for our Flames, right?). Keenans response? He cancelled the players wine tasting trip. The Flames are complete pussies, so they got sour about it. Vince fucking Carter. He should have made them walk home from LAX.

Brent Sutter doesn't seem to be any better than Keenan, who everybody and their dog thought was mentally handicapped. Yet I don't hear shit about him. In fact, I hear the argument that it can't possibly be Brents fault because he is their X coach in Y years. That is fucking stupid. Your telling me that the guy who hired Playfair and Keenan couldn't possibly hire another bad coach?

The players are dogs. That isn't an excuse, as they have been dogs since before the current GM of the team arrived on the scene. He was able to get them to play with heart. Everyone since him has not. Of course it's the fucking players fault. But who the hell got the players? And who is hiring the coaches who can't work with the players?

This is a mess. I don't think GM Sutter is getting fired. Ownership let him trade Dion, which I think is a sign he is here for the long run. How do you let him trade Dion if you don't think he is capable of overseeing a rebuild? Because if a rebuild, or a retool, or whatever, isn't coming this offseason, if he thinks he can go out with this potato patch of shit knowing his mandate is to win a Stanley Cup, this guy should be shot.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.