Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flames Lose Important Game, Bettis Is From Detroit

So Reggie lets Serge Savard do his little spin-o-rama without getting up on him and taking away his time and space. Fatigue really does makes cowards of us all.

Seriously, I was not happy with that little display of meekness on Reggie's part. Get up on Franzen and level his fucking ass. Play like you care about your reputations as men. Cross check Holmstrom in the face, fucking hurt him, and he will stop getting in front of your net. Frustration!

Today, people are breaking out the pitch forks for GM Sutter. Fuck off, and I will tell you why. The fans in this city are fake. They are. You all know it, too. I have been a fan of this team long before the 03-04 Great Fan Awakening. You know what the Dome looked like before that? You think the owners of the team want to go back to half empty stadiums, no merchandise sales, no PPV buys, no revenue generation? I really hate to get into this whole 'real fan/fake fan' shit, but lets get real. People are buying tickets to the Flames because it is cool to do. It certainly hasn't been for the entertainment this last year especially. When it isn't cool anymore, do you think these people are coming to see a game? Oiler fans are selling out the building to see a second rate AHL team lose to anybody and their sister in skates. Do you think the people in this city would accept that shit and go doormat like that? I really don't.

The mob wants GM Sutter's head on a pike because they want a rebuild. Shut the fuck up, because you don't, not really. Stanley Cups are not guaranteed. You want to tank the franchise for the next 6 years so we have a chance to maybe win the Stanley Cup? Lenin was down with long term planning too, and we all know how pleasant the workers paradise was to be a serf in.

I'm not saying don't fire the GM. Right now, my gut wants him gone, wants his idiot brother gone, wants the rookie coaching staff that he assembled gone and replaced with vets ('cept Noodles. Noodles, you alright). You know, like what the Coyotes did. If they kept the GM, I wouldn't burn my jersey on the steps of the Dome, because I think the GM has shown he will at least revisit and reassess his own decisions, IE: Phaneuf, Joker trades. I wouldn't be the most thrilled with it. I think at the very least the guy needs to have someone else in the room with him making decisions. Sutter as Caesar hasn't worked, but I could live with him if we added a Diocletian, that is, if we got him an assistant GM who had some teeth.

What I am saying is that this franchise can't rebuild, because the fans will leave. I wish that wasn't the case, but I've lived through the shit years. A lot of you Domebeer-aholics have too, you know what I am talking about. Selfishly, I wish they would blow it up, so I could get some season tickets, but I also like that the owners will spend to the cap, something I am not sure they would do if the building wasn't full. And by not sure, I mean I am absolutely fucking positive that the owners won't keep spending max unless the house is packed. Sutter made the moves that he did this year largely to be able to sell the playoff dream, it appears, which I think lends a lot of weight to this little theory. Remember folks, Kenneth King is a salesman first and foremost.

Before I go on, let me at least address the elephants. We got screwed out of a Stanley Cup in 04. The goal was in, series over, Gelinas should have retired as a hero, a legend, in this city. But the goal was not counted and we lost the series. The fans want the Cup they should have had in 04, so that is where a lot of the pressure to win the Stanley Cup comes from. The other elephant? Mikka. Goalies of Kippers caliber are not hanging around at the 7 11 waiting to be picked up and signed. God only makes them in little batches, so when you get one, you better take advantage of it. The Flames are on the clock with Mikka. So far, we have Kevin Garnetted his ass. We are wasting him, which, if you know the history of Flames goalies, should make you fucking sick. I am shocked he hasn't demanded a trade, to be honest with you. The window to win is the Mikka window, realistically. Jarome is nice and all, but the drop off between the best goalies in the world compared to mortal goalies (second tier) is bigger than the drop off between the best forwards in the world and the next tier. When you have a great goalie, you owe it to him, and to the franchise, to do whatever it takes win the Cup. Which means no fucking rebuild. It means you clear out the shit, no try, no heart, no care players (except for Iggy) and bring in better ones. Spend the money, just spend it better.

Here is the other elephant in the room: Some of the owners of this team are going to die soon. I hate people who talk about their connections, but I have a few so I hear the whispers about the health, or lack of it, of some of the owners. Domebeer-aholics, one of the owners of this team has Alzheimers. For reals, no joke. They don't have six years of life left, period. If the owners want to win a Cup before they die, it has probably got to come in the next two years. You cannot rebuild.

Regular readers will know I think the Flames should sign Ilya. If they don't make the playoffs, I am x2 that opinion, if only as a sop to a pissed off fanbase. Even if you don't get Ilya, you need to go out and get another guy to play with Jarome, because every good team in the league has at least 2 guys who are world class, not counting goalies. We got a fading Jarome, (Domebeers still loves Jarome, we don't want him traded, and could care less if he ever scores again, as he is getting paid for his loyalty to us as a franchise), and a JBlow who looks like someone has strapped a leash on his ass and won't let him play like he can (why the fuck has JBlow not fought anybody? For that matter, when was the last time Jarome fought anyone?). We need another forward, like, that is non negotiable, and to win a Cup you probably need at least 3 (Iggy + Ilya + another legit (and I mean proven, year in year out) 30 goal, 70 point guy). On top of Bourque and/or Hagman.

Is GM Sutter the guy to do all this? Who knows. Who else are you going to hire? Seriously, you want to go back the Mickey Mouse days of Craig Button, or Risebrough (we like Coates at Domebeers, even though he probably does deserve to be in the shit list)? If you got someone legit, then replace him. If not, don't. But this rebuild shit is out of the question.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. You can have Tambellini as an assistant GM. We might even give you back the draft pick you gave up to take Staios as compensation.


  2. At this point, I'd be happy with the Count von Count.

    Sorry about the last couple posts. We will get back to being funny soon enough.

  3. Iggy made Souray break his hand on his face.

    Sutter has made retarded moves. I know what it was like in the late 90s to early 00's-because I didn't miss a game. And this team is dangerously close to that. Sutter either has to 1. admit paying 10 million for 3 completely useless players is hurting the team and send them down or waive them or 2. get the fuck out of town. Here we have Staios, Kotalik, and Sarich. 10 million that could be used to buy a backup, re-sign Higgins & White, sign a guy like Marleau or Plekanic (sp?) and add a 5th d-man. I have no idea how you think making those moves for Kotalik and Staios are good ideas. The only good move Sutter has made post-Dion (and I think that was a shitty move, but people disagree) was the one that brought in Toskala. Adding Higgins was good too, but I'm sure there would have been another way to get him without picking up the Kotalik.

  4. I wrote out a long ass comment involving basketball and Kobe Bryant and the Charlotte Hornets. And then I hit submit and closed the window before I saw the little box with letters. So here's the abbreviated version:

    Mediocrity breeds mediocrity. Would you rather be the current Capitals/Blackhawks/Pens in five years or the same old Flames?

    Also, I might just maybe be a little bit drunk. But is there a more enjoyable way to comment? I submit that there is not.

  5. The best thing about going to the flames games in the late 90s and early 00's (before the 2004 run that is) was when that streaker dude scaled the glass with his red socks on and concussed himself. Then as he was being carted away on spinal precautions he came to and started giving the crowd the old devil horns. I don't know if I ever saw a better reaction from the crowd. Maybe the giant brawl with the ducks but it was close.

  6. RT, we were going to talk about the streaker this week, but we got sidetracked. Great minds, all that.

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