Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

Six games left. Just six games left in this miserable season. That is, according to conventional wisdom.

But you know what? Domebeers isn't ready to throw in the towel. Domebeers isn't ready to put sand on the casket. Domebeers is not ready to listen to any fat ladies sing at all.

A few weeks ago we predicted that the Flames would take Colorado's spot, and make the playoffs. Call us crazy, but it sure appears that is exactly what is transpiring.

4 points behind Colorado, with 6 games left to play. Colorado has a game in hand, but we play them. We are not kool-aid drinkers here at Domebeers. We know it is a tough slog. But you know what? Fuck the naysayers. This team had heart on it at one point. Those players are still on the team. It is time for them to buck up and wear a cup, and get this thing done. No excuses. This is a max spending team of been through the wars veterans. Colorado is a team full of happy to be here youngsters, who nobody expected to make the playoffs. It's ok if the Avalanche miss the playoffs. Nobody will fire the coach or the GM. They are playing under a different type of pressure.

6 games left and the eulogies are already being written. We wonder why. Are the media and the Domesphere afraid they will look like company men if they stay behind the team? Are they afraid they will look foolish if they keep beating the war drums for this team? Let's be honest here. At the end of the day, we are all fans. From Pope Maher on down, we do this because at some point in our lives we caught the bug and fell in love with the team. And fans bitch and moan and complain; they call for the heads of the GM and the coach; they demand the star player they loved a month ago to be traded today; they care.

Does that make you a bandwagon jumper in the sense that we all know it? No, of course not (it does if you don't come back next year, though). It means you have a passion for a team, and that team is not living up to your expectations. But what we have seen these last couple of days, or even weeks, is a disturbing trend among the fanbase. This attitude of 'it's over', when it is very much not over.

We get it. The trades that GM Sutter made were not great. We got a lot of shit in return for, well, our shit. To me, that is a wash. Dion has not scored a goal since getting traded (man was that cat one ugly motherfucker). Joker has 11 points in 19 games for the Rangers, but 6 of those 11 come on the powerplay. Ok. Maybe the Joker trade isn't a wash, because Kotalik is a (say it with me people) dog, and Higgins didn't put up any points and then got hurt. We understand the 'guillotine Darryl'. We understand that this team has huge problems, which apparently start in the locker room and works out from there. We understand the bizarro-ness of having to describe the Calgary Flames, Sutterized for half a decade, as soft. We get why the fans are down on this team.

But you know what? You are fans, like we said, because you love the team. And fuck what the numbers say, it is not over. A slumping Colorado team and a Flames team that is getting hot says that this thing isn't over. The LA Kings also seem like they don't want to go on into the post season. There is an opportunity to make the playoffs, and we think that the fans should be embracing it, instead of quitting on the team. We have played so awful this whole year, and we still can make the playoffs? People, that is a great thing, not something to be poo-pooed because some website says we have a 6% chance of making the playoffs. Fucking christ, those are better odds than the ones given for the event of life springing up on this planet. But life did indeed spring.

We cannot say with certianty that the Flames will make the playoffs. But we are saying that they will. Domebeers is going on the record with this. Put it in stone. And not only that, but we are going to make it out of the first round too, because Chicago or San Jose are not what they were at their heights. They are beatable now, and we have the one and only Mikka, and they got shit. If that means we have to listen to a few more weeks or months of Loubardias being awful, then that is the price that we will pay.

We know you are frustrated, but we invite you to get back on the bandwagon (this seasons, not the franchises, obviously). We have seats saved for everyone. We are only asking for you to support this team for the next 6 games, that's all. We are not asking you to sip the kool-aid. If they don't win on Wednesday, then by all means, scream and yell and panic loud, flood poor old Pat Steinberg with calls and keep him up till 4. Burn your jerseys on the steps of the Saddledome. But for the next game, and if we win that one, then the next 5, give the team your support. Cheer them, loud, when they skate out on the ice. Do they deserve it? Of course not. But that is what being a fan is about. And can you, fans, sit there and tell me with a straight face that you won't be watching every minute of every game if they do make it into the playoffs? Of course you will.

The team needs your positive vibes, now more than any point during the season. If you see the Captain walking his dog, give him dap. If you see Reggie racing up and down the street in his fast ass cars, honk. If you see Corey Sarich at the boxing gym...well, you might want to stay away from that man. Bad intentions, that cat has. But you get the point. The body still has a pulse, and we think the fans, and even crotchety ol' Kerr on the radio, should act like it (hey we found one).

Does that make us company men? So be it. Does that make Domebeers kool-aid drinkers? If it does, it does. But when we make the playoffs, it would sure make us here at Domebeers a lot happier if we had partners riding with us on the bandwagon.

Domebeers, you got any special powers that can help the Flames out? Nope, but we got a dope montage:

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.