Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Worse Than Dion

This trade stinks. Copeland is a team first, character guy. A leader of men who other players will go to war for. On top of that, all the guy does is make plays and score touchdowns. Oh yeah, I forgot. He's big in the community, always willing to help out and do charity events.

Did you know the cat married a local girl? Want to know something even more amazing? He caught 12 touchdown passes in an offence that had 24 TDs from their receivers. Im not great at math, but Im pretty sure thats 12/24= HALF THE TOUCHDOWNS FROM THE WR CORE!

For a slot back...when we already got Nik on the team.

Dion was...none of that. You can debate cancer or not, but he wasnt a leader. Dion couldnt carry Copelands jock. Honestly, I dont even miss the guy. I miss the 6.5 million in cap space we decided to shift from him to Kotalik and Hagman, but I dont miss Dion not skating with his head up when he enters the zone with the puck (I fucking hated that shit).

I certainly dont miss having to hear about his 5 out of 10 C-list 'star' girlfriend.
This trade has Hindenburg written all over it.

One more for the road, people: We champions now...

Hey, guess what? We have an interview with Peter Loubardias tomorrow! Tell all your friends.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I heard that there were issues with Dion and Connie's wife. You hear anything about that?

  2. I heard that dions girl friend was ugly. You hear anything about that?