Monday, February 1, 2010

What Is To Be Done?

The Team 10/11  (if the NYR trade goes down, yuck)

Kotalik 3 
Iginla 7 
Langkow 4.5 
Moss 1.3
Glencross 1.163
Hagman 3
Dawes 0.85
Backlund 0.875
TOTAL: 21.688

Bouwmeester 6.68
Regehr 4.02
Sarich 3.6
Giordano 0.892
TOTAL: 15.192

Kiprusoff 5.833
McElhinney 0.535
TOTAL: 6.368

Team Total 43.248
Cap Space 56.8

Free Space 13.552



Well now, lets not panic, all that. These new guys feel like coal on Christmas, however, and Im going to be non to pleased if all we got for Dion was this. I, like everyone else, want the big shiny toy in Atlanta. I showed above how we should have 13.552 million in cap space, provided that the cap stays the same. That isnt enough to sign Ilya. Lets assume that he wants 10 million a year. That would leave 3 million dollars to sign 9 or 10 players. Probably not going to happen.

But lets pretend for a moment that GM Sutter is serious about this 'win-the-Stanley-Cup' shit he is always chirping about. He would recognize that this team is missing some dynamicism, especially after the Phaneuf deal. Ilya may be bad at a lot of things, but scoring goals isnt one of them. And he wont be looked on for leadership here. Some would argue that this team needs someone to play with Iginla, and that we need a centre. Sure, I agree. Who's out there, that is legit? This guy is at least available.

So, how does GM Sutter bring in this guy? Easy as Jennifer Hedger on Lofters. We trade people, stupid:

Langkow: 4.5
Sarich: 3.6
Net Savings: 8.1
New Cap Space: 21.652

And did that even hurt? You can resign Stajan to do Langkows job, at half the price, and replace Sarich with some of this cheap defence GM Sutter is talking shit about. And we havent even gotten to real wastes of cash like Moss yet.

21.652 - 10 = 11.652 million dollars in cap space to then sign the 9 guys it would take to fill out the roster. Now that is eminently doable.

So to conclude: No, currently we dont have the cap space for Ilya. Could we? Hells fucking yeah we could. And it would be fun trading Langkow and Sarich, more fun than trading Dion for turd sandwiches from Toronto.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.