Friday, February 5, 2010

The Times They Are A Changing

First, lest you, dear reader, infer something about me from the title of this post: Bob Dylan sucks. He sounds like a drunk with laryngitis who has a hole in his vocal cord and just swallowed a fat toad. If you like Bob Dylans music, you need to grow the fuck up, hippie, and start acting like an adult. Take your bitching and moaning to the quad, man.

Now that that is outta the way, we can get to the brass tax. Many sites you’ll go to today will be talking about Iggies 1000th game. Mazel Tuv, Jarome. You finally get an honour that a racist puke in Quebec can’t take away from you.

-A brief aside: You’ll notice that the idiots running around and elbowing people in the head all seem to be from Quebec, and they aignt anglos. Stand down, frogs. Nothing says ‘complete bitch’ like elbowing some kid who can’t see you in the head. Too bad the Québécois have no concept of honour. Too bad for Canada, we have to live with these children.

Anyways, back to Jarome. This guy is honestly one of the most screwed over athletes in the history of sport. He has been screwed outta a MVP, screwed outta a Stanley Cup, and screwed outta a Rookie of the Year. Can a brother get any respect?

I have been a Flames fan for quite a while, one of those 'real fans' bandwagoners are always talking about. My first game at the 'Dome just happened to be a playoff loss to Chicago in '96. I was a child and Jarome was a kid. I’ve pretty much grown up watching Iggy, so this 1000 games of Jarome certainly highlights the time that has gone by (hence the title of this post, duh!).

Is he the 'Best Flame Ever'? Well, to my knowledge, he hasn’t demanded a trade like Nieuwendyk, didn’t fuck the babysitter like Gilmour, didn’t party his way outta town like Vernon or MacInnis (or Phaneuf), didn’t break his neck to get outta a contract like Roberts, and he didn’t set the franchise back 10 years like Kidd (did you know we drafted Kidd over Brodeur?). So yeah, he just might be.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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