Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sutter, What Hath Thou Wrought?

Ladies and gentlemen, your Calgary Flames:

Hagman - Stajan - Iginla

Higgins - Langkow - Kotalik

Boyd - Backlund - Bourque

Glencross - Nystrom - Mcgrattan

Who knows. To me, the team looks a hell of a lot better when Moss, Dawes, and Conroy arent in the lineup. I cant say which, if any, of these guys stick, save Iginla. There are a lot of forwards on this team, so some are going. Buy-outs or trades, that is the question.

The team has cash, so maybe they will eat another 3 million dollars to send some of GM Sutters mistakes away. The owners did that last year, so you wonder what their appetite is for that kind of move. Oh yeah, the owners are also paying Keenan to look like a creepy pedophile on TSN.

I gotta think they trade some of this deadweight. If the Rangers can get rid of that bum Kotalik on some country rube, surely GM Sutter can get rid of Moss? or Glencross? or Pick-A-Name-Outta-A-Hat?

Speaking of Kotalik, I hope he gets the number -18 for his jersey. All in good fun. Ive been making fun of him for being a Russian, but he is actually a Czech. That, at least, should make you like him a little more.

As for the team now, it looks like, on paper, that we may have, I stress may have, 3 lines that could potentially score. Of course, I still want Ilya. Who doesnt. But, depending on how they play, this may be able to get us through the season. We can always sign Ilya in the offseason, and trade some forwards by this trade-deadline for some draft picks.

Stajan sucks. I get that, and I wouldnt be shocked if Backlund is Iginlas centre by the end of the year. But he doesnt suck at 5.5 million, which makes his suck more palatable. Odd that.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.