Friday, February 26, 2010

Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

Its Friday, and that means one thing: tonight, use the left hand!

Sorry, what? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. It's also time to hand out the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award (The RTPIC!) for the week.

A lot of worthy candidates this week: Joannie Rochette’s mom died, and she wins a bronze four days later. That's Favre. The Canadian Womens Bobsled Teams (all caps, respect) won both gold and silver medals. The Womens Hockey Team won gold. I liked how they had all the mens players up in the box; primo place to scope out hotties. The womans curlers are beauties, and they yell 'hard' all angry. What male doesn't like that? They're also going to win a gold medal. Like Hughes and the gang. 

You know who had no chance of winning the RTPIC? Canadian male Olympic athletes. Those guys are sucking. 'Cept Alex Bilodeau, K-Mart, and the hockey team.

This weeks winner of the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award:!

Why would we go and award ourselves the coveted and respected RTPIC? It's our anniversary! 30 days in the ether, or rather, 30 days of Domebeers in the 'Domesphere. It's been a big month for Domebeers. What's that? You want a list of accomplishments? If you insist. In 30 days, Domebeers has:

-Established itself as the most controversial blog in the 'Domesphere. Domebeers didn't set out to hurt anybodies feelings, or break anybodies hearts. It just happens. Within days of our arrival on the scene, we were greeted with much love and support from the Domebeer-aholics. Just as fast, like flies to shit, the haters crawled outta their shanties and hurled hot invective and baseless critics at poor, little ol' Domebeers. Contrary to the very intent and motivation of the haters, such vile encouraged, not discouraged, Domebeers to keep up the good fight. In an epic and violent showdown that is apparently known as 'Domebeers wipes floor with sucka' (I didn't make it up, I swear) Dombeers, uhh, well, wiped floor with sucka. Also, we show girls. Some people aren't comfortable with girls. Those people are said to have 'cryptorchidism', because their testicles haven't descended yet. Or it could be because they have a swollen uterus. That's real yo, and it's a problem. It's called vaginapagina, and millions of puckered-ass-brown-shirt-kill-joys around the world suffer from it. Speaking of around the world...

-Became internationally known, for the way I rock the microphone. Or keyboard. Whatever. According to Google, we've had over 250+ unique viewers to our site, from 5 different countries. You wouldn't believe them either. Guess. Right, did you have Poland? Or Ukraine? Didn't think so. We also get people from the U.K. and the U.S.A. And Canada, of course. Shout outs to Kiev, Katowice, London, New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles...the list goes on. Most important of all, it includes readers from Calgary. As this blog was started on a bit of a lark, having those kinds of numbers is very heartwarming. Much love to the army of Domebeer-alohics out there. We are nowhere near our goal of 20,000 people, though. The struggle continues, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang.

-Interviewed Peter Loubardis. Most sites can't get Peter, because he is notoriously shy. He guards his privacy the same way Miley Cyrus's dad guards his daughters gushie. Peter revealed some pretty outrageous things that really upset my bourgeois sensibilities. He also showed off a new tattoo. I thought it suited him.

-We talked about the Flames too, right? Yeah, I remember. Trade for Ilya, sign Ilya in the offseason, sign Backstrom in the offseason. Some good, good stuff their. We also looked at our cap situation going forward, took a look at Stajan, Hagman, Kotalik, Higgins, and Mayers. Who knows why we looked at Mayers. Boredom or drugs, probably. Oh, yeah. THEY FUCKING TRADED COPELAND. FUCKERS!

All in all, a pretty good month for Domebeers. We got on Flamesnation's blog roll, which was awesome. Count them as Domebeer-aholics. We also can count hitthepost, and jointherush as Domebeer-aholics as well. For some reason, M&G won't add me, so they don't get a link. Domebeers has been well received there, though. I'm sure they will come around. Unless they're douchebags.
Canada V Slovakia. Loungo is a canuck, so the odds he chokes have gotta be up around 89%. Still, I think we get the win. 5-3 Canada.

Having slept on it (no homo) I'm still not a fan of this Bourque deal. 6 years is nuts. It is.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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