Friday, February 12, 2010

Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award *updated*

I really shouldnt need to explain this.

Roman Turek bought a substantial amount of tickets for the Flames and gave them away to kids who have special needs. It was one of the greatest things, In my opinion, that I have ever seen in sports. Roman did not talk up his charity, either. 'Large' may not have been great as a goalie, but he certainly earned his nickname when it came to his humanity.

Domebeers is going to be doing a weekly feature where we shout out to deserving individuals who, for whatever reason, have caught our eye with their struggle.

This weeks winner of the RTPIC Award: Mini Daddy


Mini Daddy hasnt always been the pimped out playa we have all come to know and appreciate. Camus once famously remarked that life is simply feeding and fucking (yeah, thats right motherfuckers, Domebeers is well read). If only those simple truths were truly universal.

Mini Daddy was born during the dark days of the dirty '30s. His mom died during labour, and his dad was Yokozuna's left man tit. Left man tits are notoriously lousy parents, and this case was no different. Shortly after his birth, he was abandoned in Mexico City.

Found by members of Santo de la Muerte, Mini Daddy was raised to care for and respect his fellow man. Well, as long as they wore the right colours. And stayed off his turf (Mendoza we are talking about you). Mini Daddy stayed true to these ideals, despite the constant harassment he received from Mexico City Police (cant a brother get his pimp on without The Man ruining all his fun?).

For continuing to keep it real, despite all the hardships he has endured, Mini Daddy is awarded the RTPIC award, for this week. Enjoy it, and stay pretty, little man.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

*Mad props to loyal reader Rubbertrout for pointing out my mistake. No Domebeers post is complete without the call to fire Loubardias.