Monday, February 8, 2010

Redundant Point About Machine Guns

You can never have too many shots.

One thing that just jumps out at you when you look at this is that that the new guys (not Dion, not Jokinen) all have more shots than the old guys.

Stajan: 105
Hagman: 153
Kotalik: 111
White: 133
Higgins: 144

Iggy: 180
Langkow: 106
Bourque: 153
J-Blow: 101
Nystrom: 68

Iggy doesnt count for this study, of course. He is what we would call an outlier. But Stajan to Langkow is even, and Stajan is half the cost. Hagman to Bourque is even, although Bourque hasnt played a full seasons because he is made outta the same stuff they made Haiti out of. Kotalik and Higgins whoop Nystrom, or Boyd (78), or Glencross (103), or Dawes (74), or Moss (89). Dawes and Moss have missed time, and hopefully, will continue to miss time (although...according to this Bourque is going to be out, and we will see how long MVP sticks).

Its been said and said and said, but one must shoot to score. Or buy drinks. On that note, actually, heres a tip from us at to you, dear reader. Do not, under any circumstances, buy a girl you want to get busy with on Valentines day a Pajamagram. If she is from Alberta, buy her one of these.

Now the question that begs to be asked, of course, is what the hell is Coach Sutter doing to the players on this team. On a team that didnt really have a ton of offense, especially before last week, shouldnt our shots be higher? Shouldnt we be playing a more offensive style? I mean, playing a defensive style is fine, I guess, if you have the gamebreakers on your roster that can score when it counts. Jarome hasnt shown he can be that guy, not this year. Yet the Coach has continued to strangle what little offence we have by making the players play too safe a system.

Its insane. On any given night you can generate X number scoring chances. What X is is determined by how much talent you got on your roster. A team full of Ovechkins will score more than a team full of Brian Mcgrattans.

But what other variables are there? Style of play. A team that plays the 1-4 will have less scoring chances than a team playing (lets go crazy folks) a 4-1. A team full of Ovechkins playing the 1-4 will probably generate more scoring chances than a team of McGs playing the 4-1, but thats a talent issue, again.

The Point: The Flames dont have much offense. Or at least they didnt, we shall see if the new guys help any. But even though we didnt have much offense, the coach chose to employ a playing style that requires the players to play safe. And safe = less risk taking. IE: Less offensive play, which means less shots, which means less goals. Which means less Wins.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.