Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Practice Went Well

Did anyone else notice #12 out there? Who was that guy?

Its funny how Jarome is suddenly 28 years old again when he is playing with some quality talent. Did GM Sutter notice? The game did start around 5:30, so he was utterly shit-your-pants drunk by that point, obviously. Still, one hopes he did, and decides to get Iggy some help.

Fuck off, I know what the haters are going to bring. I dont care it was Norway. Iggy gets to play the Oilers and he doesnt g-off like that. It aignt Norway. Its Sid The Kid.

So...Backstrom? Ilya? Can we sign Jagr and Foppa? Could Raptor Jesus help (raptors are smart, yo. The Flames PP could use the creativity)?

Look HERE. Notice that the top 5 teams in the league have around 3 goals for per game? Well, everyone except the Jets. Fuck those guys. Tippet and his crew are setting hockey back another decade with their shit.

Anyways...more scoring? Also telling is the Flames have below league average win percentages when scoring first, when trailing after 1, and when leading after 2. In English, that means we are soft, soft like Vince Carter.

A .481 win percentage when outshooting the opponent? Thats our Flames.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I really think Brad Richards is the answer for Iggy. That's who they should have tried to get in the package for Phaneuf (Dallas has needed D since Zubov left down). Of course big D still thinks they might be playoff bound as they are and probably wouldn't want to make a big deal with one of the teams they are chasing. Richards is probably the only centre with that kind of offensive (read passing) ability that isn't deemed untouchable by his own club.


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