Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meanwhile, In Flamesland...

We signed the frenchman from Alberta.

Im at work right now, so I cant post something huge. My gut reaction: Domebeers isnt a fan of signing players who have never played a full season  in the NHL to 6 year, 20 million dollar contracts. More to come later.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I'd be interested in your thoughts. A commenter called rickibear made the following comments at Lowetide's site--the bold is the comment he is responding to:
    bork's term is frightening. he's 28 and over the previous three years he's played 44, 62 and 58 games.

    Bourque is one of 16 forwards who face the other teams best, Outchance, outscore and have a goal scoring rate equal to bourque.
    They are:
    Perry 5.325M
    Iginla 7M
    Parise 3.25M
    Kovalchuk 6.4M
    Gaborik 7.5M
    Briere 6.5M
    Carter 5M
    Kovalev 5M
    Crosby 8.7M
    Marleau 6.3M
    Heatley 7.5M
    Semin 6M
    Ovechkin 9.5M

    I looked at the players without EL contracts for an average. 6.5M

    He is under paid.
    If he played 40 games he would still have earned half the 6.5M average.
    What is that. 3.25M
    What is he paid? 3.3M

    He will likely average 65 games the two years in Calgary.

    Shit they should be paying him 5.125M for it to be even.

    I'm usually a beleiver in the math side of the equations but I have a tough time seeing this one play out. The money is OK but the term is ridiculous for someone who can't stay healthy.

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