Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its A Talent Issue; Its A Work Issue

Since 04, when the team got screwed outta the Cup and the franchise decided it had to get the Cup for the fans, GM Sutter has been trying to get someone for Iggy to play with.
Tangs trade, Cammo trade, even the Bourque trade, all trades to get some more talent on this team to play with Iggy. Then what does GM Sutter do this year? Signs a J-Blow to cover the ass of his other 6.5 million defencemen, Dion. That means Iggy wasnt even given the chance to make someone 5 million or more the way he made Tangs money and Cams money.

You cant win in this league with one guy in your forwards. You need at least two, and hopefully three or four. And we got one, in Iggy, and if he has a bad year, like this year, then we have none.

GM Sutter is going to have to bite the bullet and pay someone the 7-10 million dollars that it costs to get a scorer. Period. We will not win unless we can score. People point to NJ, but NJ has a bucketload of more offensive talent than the Flames do. On that note, actually, Domebeers would like to say we were a little stupid to say 5 million for Backstrom. Make it 8. We could still fit it in the cap, it would just mean trading Sarich too.

We arent winning for the same reasons the Lions dont win. Lack of talent. However, work ethic is also an issue.

To the people who say that it is a work issue: It may very well be the case that this team doesnt care, is soft, is happy to be here, ect. But teams can be that way and still win, if they have the talent. How many times have you seen Red Wings sleep through the first two periods of a game, only to turn it on in the third and win handily? They could get away with that shit because they had the talent to do it. Not so much this year, but they did have that ability in the past.

Look at our team. Our team is the worst of all beasts, a perverted Chimera. A no talent team with work issues. Shot totals are not what Im talking about. This team loses more puck battles, board battles, than they win. Thats a work issue. It doesnt take talent to get the puck outta the corner, it takes will. And this team doesnt have the will to fight, the most damning indictment one can make of a group of men.

Not enough talent plus soft players = Calgary Flames. E Francis on the radio said what is keeping us outta Oiler territory is Kipper. How long do you think it is until Kipper demands a trade outta town?

We have a window of 3 years to win the cup before Kipper and Iggy are no longer world class (some people are saying its too late on Iggy). You cant win in that window by blowing the team up. The only solution GM Sutter has available, and the only solution the fans should accept, is free agency (or trades). This year you can go out and sign a 26 year old Ilya. Who cares what it costs? If you go out and win the Cup next year, nobody in this city will care when you have to dismantle the team because of cap issues. If you won the Cup, you could rebuild, and nobody in this city would say a word.

Conclusion: Its a talent issue. Its a work issue. Its a player issue. It may be a coaching issue. It needs to be fixed. A genuine infusion of talent is needed. No more fliers on players that may turn out to be good. We need bona fide solutions. Ilya or Backstrom, or whoever, in the offseason. But it needs to be done.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.