Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Could See This Iceberg Coming

Now, I know it isnt good etiquette to kick a blind retard in the ballsack, but it also isnt very nice to lose eight games (EIGHT FUCKING GAMES) in a row. So notwithstanding Coach Sutter and his 'everyone gets a gold star' attitude (this keep it positive shit is bush league), allow your humble correspondant to pile some more shit onto this bandwagon.

You know how GM Sutter thinks everyone is an idiot? Meet this fucktard. Said hi? Well Steven happens to run a pretty successful magazine, you probably havent heard of it, its very very fringe. Its called Forbes. His magazine is suppling the aforementioned shit shower I am about to bestow. Check this shit out. Scroll down. Win/Cost ratio. Inhale the feces.

Too lazy to click? Ill oblige.

Notice a trend here? I didnt either. Because Im not stupid, and I know GM Sutter is gods gift to hockey general managership. Or maybe I do see a trend. Maybe I see a hockey team that continues to disappoint year after year. Maybe I see a team that isnt built to win a Stanley Cup. Maybe, just maybe, GM Sutter needs to admit he is wrong, and go back to the chalkboard.

Crazy Blogger Man, what, pray tell, is GM Sutter so wrong about? I dont know myself. In my opinion, Sutter has done his job in collecting players. He has a top flight winger. He crapped out on Joker, but his heart was in the right place. The defence the Flames have? Are you going to sit there and tell me the thought of the Big 3 on D doesnt make your jimmy reach for a hat? Plus Mikka is the best goalie in the world.

It isnt working, though. It hasnt been working for 3 years now. When was the last time you saw these guys play 60 minutes? We are too slow, too complacent, too soft, too fed. We look fucking great on paper. On paper we look like  

and we play like


Yeah, she is from Edmonton.
So what is to be done? Tune in tomorrow kids. 

Furthermore,  I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Does it suck to put so much time into writing that shit and have no one read it?

  2. Good chart is good


    Bring back my boy Rog.

  3. Amen to tht brother. The Millions Dollar Man doesnt bore me to death.

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