Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Unstoppable Suck VS The Immovable Blow

The Flames appear to be full of low character, no try, soft players. Lucky for them, they get to play the Oilers tonight.

Not much to say but the obvious. The Flames need to win this game. If they lose this game, the era of 'The Core' is over.

In my opinion, last year was the 'go for broke' year, and we didnt get it done. This year was like one last, desperate grasp at the Cup.  If this group of players fails to deliver, it needs to get broken up. If GM Sutter can pull his usual magic tricks with regards to disappearing salary, next year we have the potential for a powerhouse. Maybe.


Sarich - 3.6 cap hit
Joker - 5.25 UFA
Langkow - 4.5
Moss - 1.3
Glencross - 1.163
Nystrom - 0.68

Total Savings: 16.493 million dollars.

Thats 3 new 5 million dollar players, or a brand spanking new centre and Ilya. I understand most of those players are signed for next year, but teams that are going to be buying may be willing to take a Langkow, or a Sarich. Im sure Sutter can trade Moss, Glencross, and Nystrom to teams that need some depth for the cup run. The 16 million goes up when you dont bring back Conroy. And if you go crazy and trade Reggie, thats 20 million plus in cap space. We would have Dion, Gio, and J Blow, so the D would still be good, still would have Kipper, and 20 million to spend on 2 centres and a winger.

Of course, I hope we do win tonight, my desire for a Flames Ilya jersey notwithstanding.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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