Thursday, January 28, 2010


Peter Maher, The Pope of Flames fans, said on the radio that GM Sutter and this malock had locked themselves in a room. Who knew GM Sutter was down with '2 minutes in the closet'?

So what do I want? We all dont want who I dont want. No Drury, Redden. No Erik Christensen. Where did that name come from? Look where the cat is from.

Wouldnt it be fun if at the end of the day, Dion and Avery were on the same team?*

OK. I want Dubinsky I guess, because he is the only one I have heard of. I see this guy is 6'6 and plays centre. Fuck yeah. And looky here. A goddamned communist! A 6'4 Drago looking motherfucker! We will have someone to play with Ilya next year!

Pete (yeah motherfucker we be first naming the Pope) said the talk involved Joker. If we can get something good for that clown, you atheists out there are going to have to close up shop.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

*In the homage to my man Mr Davis: Dion Phaneuf is a great player. Get over it.


  1. i think there is a lot of weight in this. but avery and phaneuf as teammates ??? no way....
    i smell a third party. ;)

  2. As soon as the team wins again things will turn around. They will have stopped falling in the standings, and see that they have instead started jump team.

  3. Seriously man? "I want Dubinsky I guess, because he is the only one I have heard of." Never heard of Ryan Callahan? Vinny Prospal? Jesus.

    And Bill, the team is not build to compete long term, we just don't have the offense or emotional drive. I'd like the team scrapped and Darryl replaced, something I've been thinking for a while actually as our non-active assets (prospects, picks) have been completely mismanaged.

  4. Callahan sucks. When I look at the Flames roster, The glarring need sure seems to be a midget winger who doesnt eat 3 meals a day. 5'11 188? Child please.

    Vinny Prospal is 34 fucking years old. You are a idiot if you want that guy for Ollie and his precious cap space.

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should b e fired.

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